nOTHING LIKE A GOOD RELIABLE STRATEGY AND THE c pLAN USUALLY IS . There the caps lock is off. So today we made a small profit so divvy of about $1.6+ but the Quinella! A standout with the top two from the other three rated runners  in the race paid $171. Powerplay was a good winner today when Azzuro Bianco won at $6.50 and then Rhymic Queen @ $5.5 wasnt as big a win but nice anyway.

Bet365 was offering $6.5 on Kawana Star and that won just two races later. Still four races to go and a good day for subscribers.

HR2D satred well with Mikuro wining at Ballina @ $2.7 and soon after The Cyprion @ $3.9 The Queensland TAB paid $34.60 on that one so I dont know what happened there? Maybe a corrupt data feed from them.

Anyhoe, good to know the winners are still there.

Members might notice that we no longer supply single day ratings. Simply put, too much mucking around , we have way too much to dau working for our regular monthly and annual subscribers.

We are considering a NEW package of Winform Membership, Best Best and Daily Feature Race PLUS the Ebook package , PLUS HR2D all for $495. It is only for NEW Members so at least that way, the newbies can get to see everything we do. and start with a complete knowledge.


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