So punters often put more money on selections that have been selectd multiple times as they assume this makes those runners a better bet. Mostly it doesn’t. Well it does but not to the effect of backing the selection multiple times. For example. Yesterday we had 5 selections that were chosen multiple times. none of these selection processes have a strike rate less than 30% and mostly 40% plus. Altogether 5 runners selected 17 times so 17 bets. The result just one win at $1.50 selected 4 times so $6 back from 17 out. One selection which came up 5 times didnt even place. IT’s a sobering lesson is it not? Sure you can probabaly be more confident but only end up with more on if they are in separate plans on different staking plans so for example, if it was  Premium and you are running a staking plan just for Premiums, yes you would back it according to that plan and where the staking was up to. Ans so on and yes you could end up on that selection several times if you are following all those plans. That’s a different process.

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