Well after a meeting in Tullarmaine, we’re off to Tassie and boy was our Virgin plane worn out. It was raining both outside  and inside the plane with the flight crew using tape to stop my tray table from moving “please do not touch ” it said. Two overhead lockers were both taped off and it was a full flight. And they went around using chux to stop water leaks onto passengers heads. Lucky it seemed to be flying okay. Launceston was wet and cool but we got into our Sebel suite okay. Off to see Mat today, and if he’s okay, Mowbray tomorrow, to meet. Mat is at home last night but the hospital forgot a script for one of his essential medications. He sounded on the mend today but barely walking, no surprise. The authorities are still tracking down where the cows came from and testing water and soil samples at Mats place. They still don’t know exactly what he has got, only two known similar cases apparently. Anyhow, our two hotshots yesterday both placed at very good prices but I’m on for the win. Off to brekkie now then Mat and see what happens.

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