Hey apart from the chorizo quiches we had for breakfast, they made Ros and I sick until we got them out of our system, we made it home by last night in time for me to updated the Autumn Preview and there are some good opportunities there but equally there are some races that offer no advantage over the bookies/.

The weather is good both Sydney and Melbourne (it was snowing at my son’s farm in Tassie yesterday) this weekend and the traxcks will be fixed so that they are not too hard for those horses that cant handle the really fast tracks we used to have.

We are leaving the current YouTube Winform Racing Seminar up for another few days to allow everyone to view it before we release part two. It may even be part 3 or 4 as we go on. I want to update some of our February stats as well.

We’ve had a good response as there are hundreds of Members who were never able to set aside up to three or four days for a Seminar at a location far from them although we have had attendees from as far afield as New Zealand and Perth, you cant get much further away than that.

So good luck for today AND the weekend.

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