Well, we got our Bolter up and although our Hotshots weren’t all able to win for us no harm done. Yesterday our Hotshot ran 3rd @ $5 so each way was a fair result, not that I agree with placebetting excpet for fixed and even then they don’t offer you much. We missed the Daily Feature on Sunday but yesterday we did claim the quinella dn trifecta but it was not worth it due to the short prices. Today we will double our money if we get a win the last at Dubbo, they arent an overtalented lot but I recon we have a better than even chance of collecting. Ros and I copped a very bad run to Sydney at the weekend, there was yet another truck crash on the M1 and we were behind it of course and in the run to catch up, motorists were giving no quarter once we passed the blockage. I got tricked into “shopping” at Myer Sunday, well they need it dont they? And then we went acrosse to Manly and North Head to Qstation, the former quarantine station, where we stayed in quarters for the previous sick and diseased residents in the original buildings but with slightly better, only slightly better amenities while we pottered around taking in the history. There was a beautiful beach and on Monday we had a sail on a Tall ship crewed by Swedish backpackers, all volunteers except the captain but it was all okay before heading back home. Mind you there was a raucous “convict politically incorrect show” on Sunday evening where the more beer and wine we drank the funnier the jokes became. It was all good in the end and we met some nice people. You can visit Qstation without staying there and you can eat in the buildings around the secluded beach which offers a protected area with beautiful clear water which drops off after only a few metres and nothing you would call a wave. Anyhow, for the next few days we are trying to get some Christmas shopping done with some of the cash I won over the Spring Carnival. The $14 k First 4 was my best effort, although some good Quinella picks up around the $80 to $100 dividend range. Happy punting today, three basic bread and butter meetings although I notice Liddsay Hatch has taken a team to Rocky for the day. Its a 7 hour trek so he must expect to win with one of his runners.



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