Big Win for our Tassie client

Gday Garry,


You asked on the best bets page to email if you got on at Cranbourne yesterday.


I most certainly did.  I got the exacta twice and the trifecta once all from an outlay of $67, and just missed the first 4.


Why $67 you might ask?


Because on Saturday taking your best bet (winter bride) into my own best bet (Sunlight) into your advice to take Oohood the place in the Guineas, I had a nice little multi bet collect.  Then also getting the trifecta and the quinella in the guineas (thanks to your selections) … meant what started at $200 at the start of the day ended up being $2267!


So the new disciplined me, withdrew $2000, left $200 in there for next Saturday and splashed the $67 in some weird exotic combos on your Cranbourne selections….  then I get back to tassie off the plane last night and thought I’d check the results, low and behold that $67 (and the $200) has suddenly become 4 figures again …..


Simply outstanding my friend!

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