Yep, our Gold Club Members did really well with HR2D Specials Saturday with 50% winning and including some nice priced horses. Hisghtrikers Last Minute Mail also did well as although the strike rate was only just above average the price of winners was dynamite! Three of the first 4 races were winners and you could have easily have got out there but even if you carried on there were more good winners to come including Winx of course but lets not count that.


Heaps of punters are holding onto their tickets as a souvenir and there are no shortages of those. They are coming out of the woodwork with those. One souvenir picture advertised in the dailies…limited edition no less…was selling for $1495. Well I guess Hugh Bowmans signature will have to do as Winx refused to sign.

Don’t be surprised if she like most tough mares, doesn’t get a decent foal.  And I eckon had she not gone to Queensland after a failing 3yo campaign she would never have won more than a couple of races before retiring to the breeding barn. Too many colts, for example, never get past half a dozen or so starts so we never know if they would have been any good in their 4yo or 5yo season.

Anyhow, now we can look for the rise of another few good horses that wont have to b content to run second to Winx.

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