In the dark today

It’s raining so hard and the wind is so strong there was never going to be a race meeting at Wyong today. That only leaves Stoney Creek. Our Daily Feature race is between Races 6 and 7, the two best races of the day. Mr T will decide afyter he checks the odds and a little form. Here in my office I have to have the lights on to see. I hope to have some info on the Kangaroo Island feature later today.Racing on King Island

If I wasn’t in New Zealand I reckon I would like to be at Kangaroo Islands Gourmet Gallop race event. It looks amazing and I bet some of our Members have been there? What did you think about the track? How much fun was it? Can’t wait to see the replies .

40% Winners 20 races won from 51 yesterday

I wasn’t betting yesterday, but I wish I was. A very good set of results yesterday made all the better by a mid afternoon slump. So why is this? The slump created a lot of unproductive turnover before a late string of winners scooped up the prize and made a heap of cash in the late afternoon. Saturday, the wins came fast and furious early, which meant that only the minimum base bets were being made. Money Factory users would know what I mean. Only three race meetings today and I expect Taree to be severely rain affected if the forecast is any guide.

W Pike gets it wrong.

PERTHS NUMBER ONE JOCKEY GOT IT WRONG YESTERDAY. He had the choice of mounts and chose the lighterweighted Neverland as his Perth Cup mount, getting off Delicacy which ended up winning the race ahead of Neverland. See ! Jockeys can and often do, get it wrong. Our Winform Gold Club horse yesterday placed third at $2.40 and in that race the winner would not have won except for as tactical error with the 2nd palced horse allwoign the favourite out of a pocket. Had that not happened the fav would have lost and possibly ran 3rd. Jockey error again. Nevertheles the race time was the days fastest so we know we have a city winner, and one that will do better in longer races. Have a good day today.


The Winform Daily Mail kicked off with a Quinella and Trifecta in the first race selected even though we couldnt land the winnefrom our top tip. The second race we did land the tip ANd the Quinella but totally lucked out at Doomben . The Weekend Feature Race was at Randwick race 7 and here we found the $8.40 winner $20 Quinella $197 Trifecta and $724 First Four. The Daily Feature Race included the winner but we missed the Quinella. So in five races wefound three Quinellas, two Trifectas and one First Four. Not a bad start to the New Year and our Members using Money Fcatory and Powerplay should have made some money too. Another big day of Racing ahead with the Perth Cup at 8.05 Eastern time a highlight amongst several other good race meetings.

What A Great Day For A Catch Up

Well, after the moderat amount of gloom on Wednesday, we aere soon in catch up mode with two wins from four to START THE DAY AND A $9  stand alone winner to top it off and it only get better. Ros and I had a great day with my Dad with a four hour seafood feast and with my sister Liz and Louise my other sister down from Brisbane.  Tomorrow I will be off to the vineyards for my son Mat’s engagement party to Katie. We  never thought it would happen but it was like a bolt out of the blue. Mind you, as he soon discovered, after living 15 years on his own, it’s not all beer and skittles. Anyhow, Lucky New Year and have a great day, in fact two big punting days in a row. Last night I thought my money was down the drain on the Adelaide Strikers with 80 odd needed from 30 something balls. Can’t believe  they made the target with 3 balls spare! Ros can’t believe that 50,000 people would go to the Adelaide Oval on New Years Eve to watc h the cricket. It wasn’t exciting at $1.50 but I bet those betting in the run had fun.

New Years Day

All subscribers whose subscriptions expired while admin is away have been updated. Payments will be processed when we return  so please don’t spend it all before we get back!  A full on day so hope you didn’t hit it too hard last night.

Cant win Every Day

It’s so true and never more so than yesterday , when even our regular, win every day  subscribers didn’t win. But the good news is that overall we do win and I got this from one of the regulars who said that while he was having trouble closing his latest Money Factory, since August he is travelling along quite happily at 9% profit on turnover. Yesterday (he isn’t able to bet on all races anyday) he landed two wins from five races and missed our big winner. Next month we will be launching our new SMS service but we are first offering it to our existing subscribers who have been with us in some cases, for several years. The service involves a blend of several of our approaches but for the first time we will be advising subscribers how many times it has been selected. For example, we sometimes have a BestBet and Grandslam or WFMH coincide or even a selection from the Bolter system or B4. It doesnt mean we recommend a 3 or 4 times stake but it does add extra weight to the selection. So you might get Rosehill Race4 No 3 x2 or x3. From that point we leave it up to you. For existing SMS subscribers it just rolls on but the new service will commence for New subscribers in the New Year.   More details in 2016!

Four good meetings today

It looks like some solid meetings today with just enough time inbetween races to be comfortable. I stirred up a few echoes with my post the other day and Paul says ”

sorry that your friend passed away only 56 i know the feeling a couple of months ago

a workmate from years ago passed away with cancer only 59

on the way to the service 2 mates and myself travelled together in the same car

we were all much older than johnno then it hit us how would it be it we all passed away at johnno age

it sure knocked the s#it out of us losing now and than on the punt is nothing to losing your life

sorry if i sound a bit morbid with the above but every morning and night say a silent prayer

thanking whoever that i have made it this far i love the old arabic saying “when i had no shoes i complained

until i meet a man with no feet ” a happy but more important healtty new year to you and roz. the twins

and all your family and winform members

paul of langwarrin” and after the service yesterday where we paid tribute to a 56 y0, it makes eminenet sense to use every moment. New Year is almost here and tomorrow my Dad has his 92nd birthday in reasonable health and that will be my last day off for a little while but we will all enjoy our seafood lunch by the Harbour. Our Winform Gold Club runner at Rosehill Saturday is up against a Class field and even on his best form will be challenged. I feel we missed our best chance of winning with a misjudged ride last start.

Only 3 race meetings today

An easy day today for our Members, especiallyu those who are using our ratings for the first time. Yesterday we got a $9 winner from the Daily Feature Race but there have been few picks fpor Best Bets and Premium. Maybe it is the time of the year? We have only four meetings tomorrow but that’s becuase we have New Years Day and Saturday on top of one another. Our Winform Gold Club has a runner Saturday and it is the same horse that was so unlucky last time. The filed this week is stronger too but it is 1100 meters which will suit better. Fingers crossed. It will be the first big plunge of the year for the Punting Pool 2016 which is now closed. Later today I will be atending a memorial for a frined who passed away froom brain cancer juuts days before Christmas. He was 56. We should all enjoy life with its many challenges while we can. He was so popular that they are having his memorial at the Newcastle Town Hall. He was a strong supporter of the Cancer Council of NSW and we expect a big crowd.

Tough Day comes good

winning-with-favourites-mrecYou might find that some days begin with a rush and then the winners dry up and it happened yesterday a little with the early races producing 33% race strike and with Money Factory that might have been alright but then a series of blamks but in two races and two good results it came good again and at that stage I would be out. Recenlty we’ve had a few enquiries about Faviourites and how to sort vout the good from the bad, well thsi book Winning With Favourites, explains all that and tells you waht to look for. It is $10 cheaper on E-book and includes nearly 100,000 faviurites analysed by a number of  important factors including speed, the jockey factor barriers and more and if you can’t win with the info we provide well maybe you shouldn’t be punting. It does show you how to get the maximum profit available by eliminating false favourites and those that are overbet.