Change of scenery

Not much happening on the punt yesterday or today for me.   Work has given me the screaming eebie jeebies, so i’m playing golf today.

Not quite as exotic as Garry’s overseas trip but a change of scenery just the same.   Speaking of Garry, he has been in touch, noticed one of our tips for the 10,000 on Saturday ran 2nd (AGAIN).   He reckons we should be able to get on with a corporate for a second placed bet on Osborne Bulls………….we would collect most bets!   Garry has also had a couple of rides in a Tesla Cab and is MOST impressed, his comments summing it up…..’I want one’.

Anyway, good luck if you have a go today, i’ll be having something on Tamworth race 6, #1, Aragula.   Not a recommendation by the way, as my punting has left a bit to be desired lately.

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