CORPORATES KILLING OUR PUNTERS/All info posted by 9.14 Sat

In Adelaide yesterday I spent time with a very smart semi professional punter who shall remain nameless in case his name is scanned ( the enemy, online corporate bookmakers, do have intelligence gathering to protect themselves from winning punters ).

One pro who I spoke with earlier this week , placed or tried to anyways, a bet on a race at $3.60 . He got told the price was now $3.20 so as he wanted to be on he aid okay but then , the price was turned down to $3.00 and finally $2.90 before his bet was accepted. So the general public got $3.60 (it won) but our pro got $2.90 or do without.

I personally get the same treatment, or was from William Hill before they were taken over. Strangely enough, Beteasy which did the taking over, is happy to take my bets without reduction. William Hill, when they were still operating, effectively took away my profit margin, by offering lower prices.

Anyhow, our semi pro bets a lot smaller these days so bets more for something to do than making a living, (he has an independent income stream) and even bets a few $5 bets for amusement and even these are slashed, such is his reputation.

Ladbrokes closed my account a week after I opened it even though I lost $400 that week. Their reason “One of our bookmakers i.e. price assessors, knows who you are and so we believe this account is not suitable (for them I assume)”. Sportsbet ntified me years ago they would no longer accept any exotic bets from me i.e. Quinellas, Trifectas etc and any all up or parlay bets.

Tabcorp generally  wont take fixed price bets from me, even for a dollar, unless they are referred to a supervisor first, and that process itself stops me from getting on last minute. Yet Utab , owned by Tabcorp, has no problems and will let me on for any amount except in a weird way, if I place a fixed price placebet and then try to bac the same runner for a win, they provide a rerated price based  on the fact that I have taken that place bet.

For example. I back a $101 shot at $25 to place and then when I go back to bet for a win my price is now $80 and vice versa of course.

Pouring rain in Adelaide I write  but unexpected. Time to head for my Melbourne bound plane. Spoke also this week to several of the attendees at my 2014 Professional Punting Seminar at Raffertys.

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