WHEN WE SENT OFFF THE DAILY FEATURE YESTERDAY, we had already done an hour or more of research and analysis just to choose a race to Feature. The selected runner was$2.30 at the time and it did win. By start time it was down to $1.60. Our Quinella strategy was on song BUT we only got our money back. $4 out for $3.9 back but Hey! We were right about wht to do.  We supply the Daily Feature and Best Bets if there are any for A DOLLAR A DAY. We have some subscribers who are making a living off it, even if they only use our form analysis as their starting point. On reflection we have found First Fours up to $80,000 in our Daily Feature Race…THIS year. We’ve had Trifectas paying thousands of dollars for a $60 outlay and we’ve had Quinellas paying hundreds of dollars for a maximum outlay of $10. So what if we find ourselves running 2nd for frustrating day after day for a week or more. We’ve also had wins day after day after day. Our challenge is to find soemthing for you that might make a profit when those few hours between choosing the right race and race time could find the market completely different or the track conditions may change or we may be affected by late scratchings  or any other possible thing may happen. Still we make a profit regardless. So $363 for a a whole year. Good deal from my angle and it can even be better than that because for an extra $132 you can also get HR2D Top Two, That’s our Horse Racing 2Day rankings which finds the best two chances consistently for every race every day in Australia. That doesn’t mean you will win every race but you will collect in just under every second race on average. The problem is of course that the public will have found a lot of those runners and so the prices will be down a little on what you need. You will need to try to find the right races OR find that for some reason or other, there is a good reason for not backing one or both selections. It gives you a fantastic starting point by eliminating around 60% of the field that is less likely to win. And you know what? You can even get these wonderful services for just $44  a month via www.stakingkings.com , that’s abut the price of a single Maccas meal, not that I’d recommend that! It’s almost as if youve just discovered Christmas!

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