Double Whammy

I can’t make up my mind whether a tooth ache is worse than backing losers.   Both things are painful.

I had root canal therapy many eons ago following a tooth abscess.   It has flared again and one thing is for sure when it happened, I didn’t feel like I wanted to study the form.   Then I got the bill shock after the first treatment.   Now I need to back some winners to replace the money I used to fund the dentist’s next 2 overseas holidays.

As it turned out yesterday, Winform and GTX provided me with several winners, but due to “therapy” (why do they reckon a visit to the dentist to have your mouth yanked, twisted, gouged, sucked out should warrant the word therapy?), i missed the early ones, got on a couple late, but fell short when W Pike failed to get State Attorney to the line first.    Pike rides many winners as you all would know, but I can’t catch him.   He has let me down on so many occasions that i’m seriously considering excluding his rides from my selection process.    His rides are usually short priced/overbet anyway, so no great loss taking him out.

Garry reckons he might do the Knights a big favour and stay overseas longer.   The Knights have not lost a game since he left.    I’ll ring Nathan Brown up and see what he thinks; not sure if Nathan is a superstitious type or not but if he is he would probably ask that Garry stay away until October.

Go the Tigers tonight

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