We have enough new data (since last major rule changes) to make winning changes to our Maiden and Premium selection group. Simply put, you can now back these with confidence after four years of profits. Yes we’ll admit there was one losing year with maidens with the annual strike rate between 35% minimum and 40% maximum. And also, while sticking exclusively to those runners that were favourite produced a strike rate of 45% winners, for those who don’t have the time to check, you made money anyway, plus by getting best fluc or best of the best you collected as much as an extra $25,000 over the four years. The one losing year was so close to square it doesn’t matter. We do have members who have been making a living from the maidens alone and I am hoping that our adjustments, which reduce the number of selections, will not hinder but help those Members.

The Maidens average around 700 selections per year so about two a day, very easy to monitor and control. The Premiums average around 300 selections a year and to date there have been ZERO losing years. Maidens average 37% winners 70% Placed and Premiums  43% winners and 70% plus  placed. Just $220 a month or $2295 a year gets you a possible nice profit without much more effort than placing your best each day.

ALL INFO IS NOW POSTED AS AT 9.24 A.M. Updates approx 11.30 will cover WA scratchings and Darwin.


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