Good REsults Again Wednesday

I was happy to make $907 yesterday but I made more. I was back in time to get on Brave Song at Caulfield but we alos had a Hotshot at Northam and I am pleased to say that added another $560 to my dentist expenses kitty. I have also decided to ignore spelling mistkaes unless for absolutely viatl info. Mt recent eye operatins have left me womewaht dislectic and that is now what I am so I and you just have to put up with it. I do take extra care when doing bank transfers and palcing best howver. I did make one mistaes in my Caulfeild Cup preview . I had intenede to include Cliffosmoher so not sure what will be the mistake..inclduing it in or leaving it our as per the video. It is 2nd up but did win 2nd up when overseas.  Its run behond Benbatl was good but it has never won beyond 2100 and failed at 2400 but last year did run 2nd at Epsom but not fast time compared to what is required to win here. It does finish stronlgy though so who knows. You cnat back everyhting.

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