I actually found it hard to see why Moree Dreaming was such a  long price yesterday. It missed by a nostril at its previous start, yet I picked up $10 yesterday a.m. and at Best Of The Best was $7. A happy average for me. Our first selection today was $17 yesterday into $13 but I wasn’t to know that. This morning it was into $6 before I got on but I do expect an ease later as most of the “educated” money is already on. There is an odds on favourite @ $1.60 which is definitely a strong chance. Three Hotshots today including two at Bowen which is a temporary venue but looks like a good course.

I’m revising the Autumn Preview today to take into account the liklihood of at least a soft 7 at Rosehill following last nights downpour and predicted additional showers tomorrow. By the way. My eyes are seemingly better focussed now so that’s good news. It may get back to normal after all.

In the meantime, I’ve invested in an Australian company (AU8) Aumake which focusses on sales to chinese tourists. Today they have announced four new stores including Brisbane and Auckland. I bought in at 28 cents, they dropped to 20 cents due to an announcement that they would invest profits into new stores for the next couple of years, i.e. don’t expect a dividend. Long term the future looks bright as they change their stocked brands to their own label. The margin is amazing.

Also Zip Pay has improved their app so that yesterday I was led to all the stores in a shopping complex that offered Zip as a payment They also raised $42.8 million and that was oversubscribe by 400% as institutional investors got on board big time. Smaller shareholders are being offered participation up to $15,000 at a 7.5% discount to market value i.e. $1.53. I started buying at 77 cents and invested much of my punting profits into this and other buy now pay later companies notably Afterpay and Flexigroup which already has a prescence in NZ Ireland and Asia and over one million account holders.

Enough of that, I am not a financial advisor but I do do well as most professional punters would do.

One of our Members has used GTX to created a large group of systems and from a starting bank of $1,000 in December has turned that into over $20,000 and NO I dont know which systems but strike rate of 58% will generally make you money. Best we have done is around 45 to 50% winners although John Furgal has hit 60% at times but mostly over summer.

We have Alister Clark Stakes as our Daily Feature tonight and that analysis is online now.


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