The first time people call to ask about Winform Ratings or selections one of the first things they tell me when I ask them about their punting is “I know the best races to bet in and I know the worst. I never back maidens and I stick to the city and the best horses.”  Well I tell them back “we find that maidens are probably the easiest races to win, in fact our strike rate in maidens is our best strike rate and that’s where the value is. And as for the city, well that’s where the competititon is hardest and so winners are actually harder to find, especially good winners.”

So looking back at yesterday we had a massive set of selections in maiden races across the country, ten in all and you think “well it will be hard to crack a win today” but guess what? Seven of the ten selections won! That’s a great result in anybody’s language.

We did find the winner of the Winterbottom but Viddora so stiffled the betting, and you had to cover it, there was no opportunity on a win level. Voodoo Lad was always going to be in it but we missed the Quinella, our only play in the end.

On our Winform Daily Mail we covered 16 races and found the winner in 11 of those with 10 Quinellas and 7 Trifectas and 3 First 4’s but it wasn’t profitable with several Quinellas and Trifectas failing to cover the outlay. That happens but it is unusual for it to happen all on one day.

And guess what? It’s on again today.


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