Apart from the fact that our Daily Feature failed 100% and Our Weekend Feature resulted in our two selections running 2nd an 4th,  there were C Plan winners and some good Powerplay results Plus our Best Bet won , and by the way initially we did not have a Best Bet but after scratchings in Perth it brought Beat The Devil, which was a  Premium selection as well , into play as a Best Bet. It won the last race of the night at $3.00. Nice price for a best bet. Our Highstrikers was in front from the start so if you quit at a profit it was okay. Our Specials for HIghstrikers subscribers found 3 winners from six selections. Our Premiums did well with 2 from 4 but Hotshots had two selections fro two places while the Maidens had 4 from 6 and only one unplaced. I soon found myself with enough profit to guarantee a win for the day and left it at that but could have picked up more but after 3 hours there was no need. Instead we had dinner with the grandkids before watching the Perth Cup which , it turned out, resulted on a 2nd place only. Good luck on what is a cooler day today after 43 yesterday.

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