Yes our new Hotshots service has been added to the Winform Daily Mail (Winform Weekly Mail if using and so from tomorrow the monthly price rises to $199 a month. Today it is $1100 a year or $99 a month and those who subscribe now will get to stay at the $99 a month or $1100 a year ongoing. Call it  a loyalty bonus if you will. Also included on the subscription is the Maiden selections which have a great strike rate when actually starting as favourite. Also you get the Daily and Weekend Feature Race plus access to our weekend preview YouTube channel. On Saturdays we have a number of “system” selections and we supply the top 5 winform rated horses on this section. The number of Quinellas (40% av) is amazing and the $10 box has had returns of several hundred dollars particularly on big race days. Anyhow Ros sees her surgeon for an 8 week progress rep[ort this afternoon so will be out of office but back in to organise all the new subscriptions which have been coming in. There are no Hotshot selections today (only two race meetings) but more meetings to look at tomorrow. In the meantime, Mat has picked up a job in Geelong so flyinflyout . Turns out it is a good thing as his pepperberry crop failed to bloom this year due to the higher temperatures so has gone from 1 meter high snowdrifts and snowed in to summer heatwaves. Luckily he has found someone to feed his animals while away. Have a good day and remember the half price deal ends tonight midnight (2 a.m. WA)

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