I’m glad I stayed out of the Rosehill quagmire and it was great to see the quality of the All Star Mile. I had  2nd 3rd and 4th. I did have the winner too but only in a place. Bugga! The $1350 First 4 would have covered me especially as I had it with bonus bets. Anyhow, up to that point every selection either won or placed. My bets, which started with a new Professional Staking Plan Bank last Monday, rose from $200 to now $239. So each selection gets $239 and I allow exotics of $239. So far the exotics have had just one winning day out of the six but when they come home it will lead to a massive rise in the Bank.

Amazingly, the only bad track today is Sunshine Coast. Grafton is a little inland and so has missed the bad weather. Good luck today.

By the way, I have had some criticism of my Part Two online Seminar video so here’s the point. These videos are to educate our Members so naturally I use it to explain how to get the best use out of our Winform Ratings and HR2D Top Two. We don’t charge anyone for it. The advice is free, yet there are those trawlers out there who want to criticise any perceived error or omission. Come on guys, we all make mistakes, it is not intentional. If there are questions to be asked simply ask them and don’t say it’s B.S.

So. I will continue to use my best efforts to assist Members and subscribers to make a profit out of their chosen hobby or profession.

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