We kicked off in the first race with our Best Bet winning @ $3.40. We should have quit then! No drama, not the best day but still plenty of action with some good results. Apache Gold was in our maiden selections and won @ $9.60 but wasn’t a qualifying bet because ot was not favourite but it is amazing how many of these get up. At one stage I was going to drop these as I thought there wasn’t enough interest but then I hear from subscribers who are making a regular profit from backing them all via the Money Factory. It’s snowing at my sons farm in Waratah Tasmania, the first fall of the year actually and it looks so picturesque. It is a very nice property and you can view it on google its 536 Waratah Road Waratah Tasmania. The photos go back through three sets of owners. Great spot if you want to get away from it all yet less than an hour from Burnie on a good road. My son Mat is a brilliant punter and reads the market amazingly well BUT he can’t control his punting. He should never have a bet at all. Luckily he is concentrating and creating timber bowls made from burls which have amazing texture. I know there are an enormous number of peoeple out there who simply can’t control their punting and expecting the next race is sure to be the winning one. They are doomed to failure. You need the discipline of running the Money Factory or Powerplay with our guidelines and it amazes me how people shortcut themselves by not having the required bank or simply not being prepared to pay for professional information, or trying to find a way of winning without getting the best price. I’m still getting people who have never bet anywhere else but on their own TAB’s tote pools. And the Government is responsible for a lot of this because they put up barriers to punters getting a fair price by charging us more and more for each bet we place. They will say it is the bookies they ar getting the money from but that’s not true. The bookies simply incorporate it all into their markets which reduces the dividends we get. That’s this weeks rant!

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