Favourites normally win 30% or more of all races . If those runners are in the Winform Top Two then that percentage is between 38% and 40% on most days. Yesterday just 5 out of 31 selections won, although 80% were placed as normal. Just one of those days. Of our Place selections the first one went around at $34 and $10 fixed the place. At the 300 it came to a complete stop, dropped back to the tail of the big field and in the overhead shot you could see it lost ten lengths then made up 7 or 8 lengths in the last 50 metres to finish 7th. Regimen, our Caulfield selection, had never seen a wet track before. That one didn’t like it and finished last, Astoria didn’t stay even though backed into $5.50 and favourite in the last and unplaced and was last but beaten only 4 lengths. A bad starts fot=r those who just signed up in time for Saturday. Then last night I saw the Western Bulldogs lose to the Swans due to two or three simple errors. Ain’t it frustrating when you see players delaying their kick to see what’s there when in defence they just have to get it away from the 50 as far as possible. Still an enjoyable game and they will win many more with the talent that’s there. Last week and this week they played with confidence and followed their instints then later in the game instead of letting it flow they started to think. Not the way to go. So for me, inbetween meetings, I have seen two red and blue teams go down, today Demons fans, it’s time to worry as I will be there!

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