Morning Garry


I’ve just subscribed for the HR2D Top Two service.  I stopped subscribing to your services a few months ago not because I was dissatisfied in any way but because I re-read all your books (the Ebook pass only cost me $295) and came up with a selection method that suited me.  Selections were based purely on things I’ve learned from your books and a small amount of gut feeling.  I had good success over time and had a great carnival in Melbourne. Perhaps you’ve taught me too well.  Thank you.


I’m keen to try an angle with the HRH selections in conjunction with what I come up with.


Best wishes

Stephen (NSW) Ed> Stephen is not the first one to do this. $295 gets you every one of our past magazines, every book we have published of our own and there are many many subjects covered.  Our most recent book costs $275 on its own so the Ebook pass is excellent value.

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