Please renew for another year

Hi Garry,


I remember when I first subscribed to the Winform ratings that you predicted that once I start using them, I will keep using them and you were spot on.


Please go ahead and renew my Winform subscription

Having had knee issues due to past sporting mishaps, I am aware of the challenges with a single knee rehab but 2 knees at the same time would be a completely different level of challenges and I do hope Ros is progressing well with the rehab (and you are being recognised for your excellent work as carer!).


I hope that once Ros is back to being fully mobile, things settle down for a bit as you have had your fair share of challenges in the last period.


All the best and regards,


Greg (Like many subscribers Greg has never looked back since subscribing, in his case over ten years) Mnay subscribers have wished me all the best with Ros recovery which is slow but getting there. As a result we have tentavively booked a holiday next winter. Ros has issues with he hip as well and that will be the next challenge.

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