I say that because we were never going to lose but it was never going to be value. The winner, our top rated runner, was only $2.20 and the runners up $5 and $3 with Tarquin our possible longshot 4th @ $15. I arrived in Melbourne in time to view the race although I had no internet to do much about it. It was a clearcut result. Anyhow I did take the time to view the Melbourne New Year welcome but we didn’t suspect that we were standing 100 metres away from the launching pad, ground Zero so to speak. It was deafening but beautiful.

Back home , I had pulled my sail down and put it away, simply to keep it away from the 40 degree heat we have been experiencing. Newcastles New Year turned out to be lightning bolts from the heavens with all New Year functions cancelled because of the risk to public safety.

Anyhow, I just await scratchings as the day dawns, slightly overcast in Melbourne but no rain, it’s all very civilised with the CBD to swing into action at 11 to close at 7 tonight. Personally I’ll be spending the day with meetings and another in the a.m. before heading home tomorrow arvo.

So lets start the New Year off with a win. I’ll have a serious look at Flemington, the oonly serious Metropolitan race meeting of the day, Randwick is the inner track, and a couple fo black type races to assess.

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