Hi Garry,

It’s no consolation but I found this out some years ago. I got some story about money laundering.  I cancelled my TAB account immediately and received a full refund of monies. By law they cannot refuse to return your money but you must cancel your account. Given your current circumstances I doubt that would cause you concern. But here’s the thing, they still email me with various offers. They’re not encouraging me to gamble by the way only to bet and , wait for it, have fun.


I’m a Melbournite and regularly use Rod Cleary to bet with both at the track and on-line. When I need to I withdraw in cash at the track and can also deposit in cash at the track. A number of professionals I know who are much bigger punters than I, also use him. You might like to pass that on to those members who can take advantage.


Mark Ham

eD: Mark was responding to our recent Newsletter where our Punters Club wasn’t allowed to withdraw a deposit we made to bet with on Emirates Day, demanding we bet through the entire sum $5,000 before any wothdrawal at all.

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