As long as you are going just keep me going. Im very happy with the service and the selections and John Furgals SMS service is going well for me. Tell him to keep up the good work and I know my subscription isn’t due yet but I might as well pay now if that suits you?” Bill, Sydney NSW.  Bill has been with us using Money Factory and Winform Powerplay and the Winform ratings for some years now as he heads to retirement.


The Quinella was ordinary $9.8 and the TRifecta so so $112 but the First 4 $1600 was worth it. Had a couple of good Daily Feature Races so far this week. More today hopefully. Our Highstrikers today includes Rosehill but we dont bet on a track worse than soft5. I considered Morphettville instead but Rosheill has some strong races for those interested in the majors coming up. Caulfield has either good days or horrible days, I hope today is a good day there. Hard to win at Caulfield simply becaus of how the track plays. At least its not wet. Good luck today. WA scratchings will be updated by 11.30 and then my super super tasty hamburgers hit the table before a 12.30 start. By the way , on of our Gold Club horses is even with Black Caviar at this point of time. Unbeaten after one run!

each way special pays $8.70 the place!

Tony got Rakitiki into a place last night as his each way special in the Daily Feature Race. The Goat at Topbetta paid $8.56 and best tote $8.7 but not all corporates pay best of three for place. Fixed you could have got $8.50 so great result. I was busy listening to the rain , a rare ocurrence around here lately. Busy week with grandkids etc and the twins are here today. I convinced Ros not to clean up the house so it would save the twins their usual task of pulling everything out and putting it on  the floor, now all they have to do is move it around a bit.  Nine meetings alltold today from 1 p.m. to 10.30. An earlier start would have been appreciated so I could cahs in earl just afew thousand in front. “Tell ’em you’re dreaming”