As long as you are going just keep me going. Im very happy with the service and the selections and John Furgals SMS service is going well for me. Tell him to keep up the good work and I know my subscription isn’t due yet but I might as well pay now if that suits you?” Bill, Sydney NSW.  Bill has been with us using Money Factory and Winform Powerplay and the Winform ratings for some years now as he heads to retirement.


Our Gold Club winner yesterday was available at as much as $6.50 in a changing market which saw three equal favourites at start time. It was also John Furgals SMS selection so the better priced winner that has been needed. I had a nice C Plan win and picked up some good wins yesterday including a successful Yankee with the Gold horse and the Premiums providing three wins from four. Our Daily Feature race was also a winner and included the trifecta and first four but as warned, with the favourite running second it was our worst possible result (dividend wise). A successful day and more to come. The Autumn preview hit the website last night and it does look like we have some nice priced opportunities especially on an each way basis with the Black Type races overflowing this Saturday.


Hi Garry,

Thank you for that, much appreciated.

My subscription to the Winform everyday ratings for all of the races means that I haven’t subscribed to the Autumn package but having access to those ratings has been great as too using the GTX Analyser to investigate various angles. (ED: FOR gtx INFO AND WINFORM RATINGS INFO email

Also the eBook pass ($295 gets you every Winform publication including all 20 magazines worth over $1,500) has been a big advantage to my racing education as I now take all of your books/magazines wherever I travel for work and they provide excellent reading at night as well as on the planes.  I am now reading your book Winning Your Only Option for probably the 4th time.

It is amazing when you read a reference book like that, it (a) reminds you of something that you already knew but had stopped applying on a regular basis and (b) how you can pick up something that you may have glossed over in the previous readings.  I have had the same enjoyable experience re-reading many of your other books and all 20 of the magazines.

You have certainly compiled a wonderful body of educational racing material over the years which is appreciated.

Once again, thank you for the e-Book.


GregS Ed: Greg is one of our regular semipro punters and subscribers. We recently helped him out with free updates on one of our Ebooks.


I ran my longshot Powerplay plan yesterday and after 30 bets had just 4 winners but at average $6.70. A 10% loser at level stakes but a profit of 35% on turnover using the Powerplay program at I also used my C Plan and John Furgals SMS selections in Money Factory. In 12 races I landed 7 winners but the dividend average was just $1.71, just square but Money Factory turned that into 12% profit on turnover. Highstrikers Last Minute Mail was successful again and with Rosehill uograded after race 1 we landed 9 winners from 17 races. The first at Rosehill was a winner too but with the track still rated soft 6 at the time it was a nobet race.The Autumn Package found most of the winners okay but I had said because of the track rating I wasnt betting. Once I saw the change though I was on. I initially rated Performer a certainty but decided no bet on the soft 6 track. At soft 5 though I got on and hope the clinets did. On soft 6 and possibly soft 7 if more rain came I though Memes was good value each way and dropped Trapeze Artist but with the weather improving I backed boht on a dutch bet and collected easily. The Caulfield race was a disaster with none of our selected runners doing anything. Overal though, it was a reasonable day. And our one Bolter selection Veuve De Vegas, won easily @ $3 best fluc. It was also a C plan race.The Dalby meeting set down for yesterday has been transferred to Monday. Today we have just 6 meetings but enough to keep us interested.

each way special pays $8.70 the place!

Tony got Rakitiki into a place last night as his each way special in the Daily Feature Race. The Goat at Topbetta paid $8.56 and best tote $8.7 but not all corporates pay best of three for place. Fixed you could have got $8.50 so great result. I was busy listening to the rain , a rare ocurrence around here lately. Busy week with grandkids etc and the twins are here today. I convinced Ros not to clean up the house so it would save the twins their usual task of pulling everything out and putting it on  the floor, now all they have to do is move it around a bit.  Nine meetings alltold today from 1 p.m. to 10.30. An earlier start would have been appreciated so I could cahs in earl just afew thousand in front. “Tell ’em you’re dreaming”