Let no one tell you life isn’t a gamble. We certainly experienced it on our trip to FRance and not a horse in sight.

Rail to Sydney for our flight to Singapore and 5hen to Paris. 32 hours of travel. Then at CDG frustration getting through passport control, eventually getting priority so we could catch our train tonBordeaux. The train came and went without as, just no time allowed to make it. Then the changeable ticket, well instead of getting on next train and paying the change cost,all trains sold out for the d any.


solution. A Airfrance flight fromOrly , cost $764 plus 75 euro taxi to get to  airport. Taxi driverl “no English” Ros is beside herself  as the meter ticks over  and no sign of  Orly on the freeway. Does the driver understand where we want to go, we’ve been on the road for half an hour. We get there.

Then “can we pay cash” he does know some English after all. He help us with bags and directs us to right entrance. Inside I now can’t find my passport, dropped in cab as I searched for cash…..damn. Someone is getting hysterical.

Then through the entrance grinning widely is our taxi driver with the passport. All is forgiven and the blood pressure drops instantly.


but this is a domestic airport, only electronic check in and so on. A friendly non English speaking airport rep. Has to use two electronic terminals before finding a working one.


all good  after that and our pilot puts on a free aerobatic display as we make our approach to Bordeaux.


On the g round we work our way between heavily armed troops as we search for a taxi, then we have iu4 first experience in a TEsla with gull wing doors and amazingly a fluent engkish speaker. He explains that due to yellow vest protesters he may not be able to take us to our hotel

we ev entuslly arrive after being diverted by armed police around the main battle zone and lapse into a coma in our hotel.


life is never boring is it. The next day I wake to 79 emails, many from members who didn’t read my email notifying of my absence but oh well, I attend to the more urgent problems and now it’s monday, we  are on our ship the Scenic Diamond and the first perso; I meet is an owner and breeder  whose horses are trained by our our trainer Gary Portelli.






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