We were informed months ago that things were going on in the Weir stable and it included inside info which did find us a few winners but we soon decided we were better off just sticking to our form especially once our source became disgruntled and left the stable. Reality is someone always knows and the “confidential” information always gets out. No doubt Racing Victoria knew some time ago but waited until they could get their duckies in a row.

At the end of the day we are much better off doing what we know best. Analyse the form and stick with that. 99% of the time thats what wins races. For every sting that comes off there are hundreds that don’t.

Yesterdays $125 winner came from info that was available to everybody. Our subscribers had the tip and for once it came off even though realistically we should have backed our top three runners which dilutes the win.


The dogooders and animal welfare supporters will be out in arms today wanting to ban horseracing altogether. What’s next ? sex and rock n roll? There wont be any fun left. The truth is that racehorses are treated a lot better than some humans.

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