Yesterday I had a $100 bonus bet on the Oaks. I had the winner. I forgot to place my bonus bet and it is lost forever. We should set ourselves a reminder, thats waht we should do but luckily I have a bonus for tomorrow on the McKinnon. I did have an actual cahs bet on the winner so I suppose as it won it makes no difference but it would have had I lost. Also many of the bonus bets we are offered have na exipry date. Luxbet used to offer bonuses which had to be used by the following wednesday. Some give you 30 days. Point is never miss the opportunity for a free account top up, I got $2,000 just in the last month.Have a great day tomorrow and by the way heres a little something to think about.

As we near the end of the Flemington Spring Carnival it has become more obvious than ever. Women do not get a fair representation in our Feature events. There should have been 12 women riding in the Melbourne Cup. How many women are riding in tomorrows final Flemington meeting? One? Two?  How many runners for the day 100 or more? Bill Shorten was at the races. Why wasn’t he campaigning for fair representation for women riders? If women should have guaranteed access to seats in parliament why not in horseracing? It is one sport where women not only can compete with the men but in some cases outride them.  Four of the top ten riders in South Australia are women, including the top two. In Victoria Linda Meech is the current leader in Victoria riding at one winner in 5 rides.  So what’s the real difference between men and women riders. It’s simply this. Women simply do not get the opportunities that male riders do. Give them a fair representation in accordance with their numbers  and you will soon see the difference.

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