Winform Premium Working A Treat

Hi Garry


It took me a while to make sure it worked but I’ve found a way to 


refresh a page on my samsung phone. Iphones are probably similar.


Open webpage, select ‘more’ at top left, select ‘settings’ select ‘privacy’  


select ‘delete personal data’. There are 6 options, on my phone 3 are already highlighted,


‘browsing history’, ‘cache’, and ‘cookies and site data’, select delete for all 3. 


Maybe all 3 don’t need to be deleted, but I know it works if you do.


Ensure you know your log in names for your websites as these will be deleted too.


     Also Garry, I’ve been doing well backing the premium selections that I get with my package.


I’ve just been flat betting them and for the past 3 1/2 months have got these results at top tote.


45% wins/avg 2.47 at 11% pot. Obviously, this is through the winter too so results should be better 


through the rest of the year. Also, I’ve just started placing the bets at T/F with vicbet so hopefully


profits will increase further. 


     I haven’t heard you mention these selections in any correspondence, which is fine by me,


but do your records show that my figures are on track?


cheers Greg ED: With regards to the phone, probabaly only necessary to delete the history. Give it a try and only if you cant view the most recent pages on our website. With regard to the Winform Premium selections we experience a 47% strike rate so your experience with them is praobably “normal”. Strangely we have had comments like “these selections are too short priced” yet pur history shows that these”short priced” selections experience bigger swings on a percentage basis than longer priced selections which means you can actually win more with these than say horses in the $4 to $10 price bracket.

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