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You have to feel for the AFL player who dobbed himself in for having $36 worth of bets in total using a friends betting account. The AFL have made such a huge example of him the same as the NRL did some time ago for a guy who had  a few $10 bets. ITS ALWAYS THE SAME. These organisations make big headlines but don't do a thing about all the insiders who continue to bet big dollars, and I mean the physios, trainers, "spies" employed by clubs to get the inside info who is in who has niggling injuries, who is out and so on. Every club wants to know where the oppositions weaknesses are and so do the corporate bookies. Game intelligence is just a part of the mix and there is plenty around but you know what? They will NEVER unless they are somehow forced to by a whistle blower, publicise the big "players", the ones who reallly make the big money out of the games. I just can't believe how gullible they think the public is. Anyhow, Racing is our bag , and there have been some big name trainers caught using substances and testing new "undetectable"  drugs that enhance or slow performance. Sure 99% of the industry is totally honest but there is that element out there. And besides, some of the tips coming out of stables are based only on the knowledge of their runners. I have more faith in form analysis than information. A small number of runners each day will be "information" but with the rest running to their ability, actual proven form is the best guide. What ounters should do is put their faith in form on Good tracks and give meetings like todays Heavy 10 Warnambool meeting a wide berth. Good luck today.Read More...

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