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Yesterday my one bet was our Best Bet. I took fixed @ $1.75 but amazingly, it paid $2+ best tote so I missed a bit there but plus $325 on the day. The Daily Feature Race one of our selections ran 2nd , beaten by our third rated horse at a very good price. Can't win em all. Today we we have Canterbury soft7  so I'll give it a miss there (strike rate is okay but very poordividends) Ascot the dividends are not great but a very good strike rate so while not excited, at least you know you are always in the mix. Strathalbyn has been poor with dividends lately but the trick here is to look for runners with experience at the track. It has its quirks so those runners that hve raced there okay are nearly alwasy superior t those that have not. At Caulfield, our race strike rate is below average but we do okay there...why? The fields sizes are much bigger than most midweek races get so our average dividend is higher @ $6.6+ . Gold Coast we win more races than anywhere else in Australia and make a good level stakes profit for that reason, our av div is $6 and 18% of our selectiosn win or 36% of all races are won by Winform top two rated runners. Kyneton is our last track and we have a very poor strike rate from the last 250 races run there and the worst of it is the very low average dividend of just over $5 so yes, there are some good dividends to be got but looking across all venues today I see we need to work a little harder for our money.Read More...

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