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Apart from another Winform Daily Mail win, Greg, a new subscriber, has had a great start with Winform. Heres what he had o say about his experience so far. Hi Gary I just thought I’d share with you my first two Days betting with winforms software I placed $350 worth of multi’s on Saturday and $400 worth of multi’s today so I walked away with a little bit of petrol money for the week of $7000! So I’d like to say thankyou to everyone involved and will be obviously recommending you guys to Everyone Thanks Greg Greg is doing Highstrikers Last Minute Mail and the Winform Best Bets and Daily Feature Race. His cost is $99 a month, I am guessing Greg has enough cash now to continue his punting. Here's a warning for you/ Last night Ros and I went to see the Phil Collins concert in Sydney. We bought our tickets from what looked and felt like a legitimate site. Turned out the tickets were a "scam" which at this stage we don't know whether it was the site or whether the legitimate site was "ghosted". As we purchased our tickets with Amex we expect they will organise a refund but the other problem is that I logged in and if it is a site fault, then they now have my password for the legitimate site PLUS they may use my password to try to get into my other accounts, so this is why they recommend you use different passwords, which I do but even with a dozen or more of them I need to use the same one more than once. Anyhow, have a good day today  with three meetings Wagga, weher we go well, Warnambool which is a bit harder and Cairns which is normally okay for us.Read More...

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