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One Hotshot for a win and the Daily Feature was a nice win too. I was just reviewing my betting action for the year and found that I am so far ahead of Crownbet I am amazed my account hasn't been restricted at all. Ubet is also a big winner for me but Sportsbet? Well, I'm down $17,500 for the year to date. The problem will be that I only bet with Sportsbet for exotics like Quaddies etc. so unless I get one I wont be paid. And of course I only take winbets when their prices are better than elsewhere which probably indicates that they have a negative on that runner, in other words they are laying it by offering a better price. It could be simply that they have inside info on another runner which on their site will be under the odds. Anyhow, I had a very good day yesterday. Every bet I placed won and I actually forgot about a horse I had picked for a later race at Echucha and it won too. By golly, what an all up it would have been. Anyhow, I am trying to remember today to watch the Warwick Farm trials. Our Gold club has a runner in trial 13 I think. The good thing is that not long after the race we can watch it on replay at racingNSW. Any orders placed today on our bookshop will receive a free copy of Professional Punting..My Personal Approach. Free stuff excluded of course.Read More...

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