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Bloody Hell. I woke up sicker today than whenmy flu started last Thursday. The fact that I have still managed to find winners is amazing . Our Daily Feature race had the winner on top and so what if it was $1.60! It still won didn't it? I had a very good win on it. My Money Factory just keeps rolling over on the bot BUT the constant rip off commissions is just eating too much into my profit. The race field levies in NSW and Queensland in particular mean rake offs of $8% to 10%. It's too much and the poor old punter pays again. William Hill promoted Sportingbet a few years ago pushing better of three totes plus 5% but that was instead of better than three totes or StartingPrice. In efffect they conned punters into believing it was a better product when in fact it was inferior. If you have a William Hill account based on Centrebet you actually get a better deal but of course that can change too. We also have to ask how long before Luxbet folds as their Best Of The Best is the most superior product there is and it has been reported to the stockmarket that Luxbet is losing money, simply because the bulk of punters are uneducated and respond to the lure of the jingoish advertising of the TABs and the Ladbrokes of this world.Anyhow, I'll try to get a Newsletter out today so that those who are yet to take up our Spring Package can still do so before Saturday. So it's my sad face I put up today!Read More...

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