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Highstrikers Last Minute Mail had a very good day, plenty of winners AND two otu of two for the HR2D Specials and the Villiers winner. The BOlter had just one selection for  a loss but still a very big year in 2018. The Hotshots, which had been unlucky for the month to date really took off with an $8.80 winner yesterday and good results Saturday with The Odyssey (I got $8.50) and Ice One ($3.80). Our Best Bet won yesterday and it was also a Hot Shot. Vicbet paid $2.25 on what ended up $1.90. All up I'm several thousand up for the weekend on small overall outlay. John Furgals SMS service scored three out of four over the weekend including $5 and $8 winners. The new Hotshots and Bolters SMS and email service was also in full flight.  Just by the way , if you're reading this on the home page remember to click "read more" as this formats the info which is helpful when we put in tables of results etc. I popped up a short video on YouTube of yesterdays storm which reminded me of those old North Sea shots in World War 2 movies with the battleships heading towards Scapa Flow. Anyhow, a good weekend and today Ros and I are off for Physio and we are discussing a great new promotion with Vicbet which continues to draw praise from our regular punting members, especially our retired Members who need every extra cent they can get, although with what must be close to 65% t 70% strike rate with our Daily Feature Races, they don't have too much to worry about, just hope I havent put the "mocka" om myself or David woth our choices this week.Read More...

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