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I mentioned yesterday that the Daily feature race selections were just slender pickings for a few days then we got a small result.   Well, our DF tipster got it right yesterday for his efforts.   The suggestion was to back the two top rated horses for potentially a small profit.   The winner was one of the 2 selections and paid $3+.   The Quin/Exacta/Tri were also in the top five had you stood out the 2 picks from the rest you would, of course, got a little more.   Today the feature race is at Canterbury, race 6; the suggestion is dutch the top 2 rated and save on another runner....we wait and see.     I also notice today already that John Furgal is 2 from 2 with one runner late in Pinjarra to come.    People mention swings and roundabouts from time to time when considering different parts of our daily lives.   You will recall I mentioned having a brain snap the other day, backing the wrong horse, and luckily collecting.   Well, today, brain snap #2 for the week, same issue, backed the wrong horse, different result----LOST!   Swings and Roundabouts.    I am struggling to understand how i can place a bet on the wrong runner, not once, but twice..............I am 3 from 4 today so perhaps i shouldn't complain; the bet I lost shouldn't have been a bet, as my selection was a scratching, should have been 3 from 3. Good luck peoples   Late update.   John Furgal 3 from 3; Daily Feature race top 2 quinella'd race so another small incremental profit.Read More...

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