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good news bad news

good news bad news

Okay, the good news is that our Gold Club runner wednesday pulled up sore but after the vets reviewed her Thursday, she is okay but jarred up in the race so with a few days rest will be okay. The other good news is that my super fund has three investments, one of whihc is Jumbo International which cost me around $2.60 a share and reported a record profit today and doubled heir number of active accounts during the year. Because they make more money the more jackpots there are the prospects are good and they are paying about 4.4% franked at current price but expect an increased profit next year in the order of 6% franked, just my opinion. The other two majors were WAM capital and WAX I think the other one is, both paying 6% or more fully franked. Funny thing. I never have enough of those sorts of investments. Racing wise the news has been all bad this week and aftre my Spring analysis yesterday I am not expecting a massive result tomorrow but maybe a couple of wins aorund $3 to $4 and one hopeful e/w result on a $30+ shot. We have three Hotshots today and each would NOT be a Hotshot if stuck by the rather rigid riules. One such rule relates to distance changes so becuase the rail is in a different position one runner would not have quailfied being 215 metres different, well 15 metres is nohting. Another rule rlates to beaten distance 7 lengths max, well one runner had problem during the run and eas 7.3 lengths behind. Given ordinary luck it would have been much less than that..get the picture? I will know this arvo if I did the right thing. I think so. Good lcu this weekend. TodayRead More...

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