Please renew for another year

Hi Garry,


I remember when I first subscribed to the Winform ratings that you predicted that once I start using them, I will keep using them and you were spot on.


Please go ahead and renew my Winform subscription

Having had knee issues due to past sporting mishaps, I am aware of the challenges with a single knee rehab but 2 knees at the same time would be a completely different level of challenges and I do hope Ros is progressing well with the rehab (and you are being recognised for your excellent work as carer!).


I hope that once Ros is back to being fully mobile, things settle down for a bit as you have had your fair share of challenges in the last period.


All the best and regards,


Greg (Like many subscribers Greg has never looked back since subscribing, in his case over ten years) Mnay subscribers have wished me all the best with Ros recovery which is slow but getting there. As a result we have tentavively booked a holiday next winter. Ros has issues with he hip as well and that will be the next challenge.

Thanks to Michael for voicing what I tell clients everyday

Hi Garry,

This is a quick note to say well done on your BB selections, really appreciate your efforts and that you only release a BB when you think you have a winner, not just for the sake of it…. I’m quite happy to sit on my hands through quiet periods.  Wednesday’s winner at Warwick Farm was brilliant (expecting a good old banning from TAB Fixed Odds over that one).

Here is a list of the wagers and prices I’ve obtained so far this year.

Winform Best Bet 1/01/2018   MORNINGTON 2 1200 3.CINQ DAMES 1st 4.025
Winform Best Bet 6/07/2018   TOOWOOMBA 4 1000 1.ANGEL DANE 2nd  
Winform Best Bet 12/01/2018   HOBART 3 1100 9.POMPON 1st 3.9
Winform Best Bet 13/01/2018   QUEANBEYAN 4 1200 1.ZARIZ NO OTHER 1st 2.3
Winform Best Bet 14/01/2018   PORT LINCOLN 1 1000 4.BRAMFIELD 1st 2.1
Winform Best Bet 17/01/2018   WARWICK FARM 4 1200 8.WITCHES 3rd  
Winform Best Bet 18/01/2018   GOSFORD 5 1200 5.BELLA MARTINI 1st 1.85
Winform Best Bet 20/01/2018   RANDWICK 2 1300 4.WOOSHKA 3rd  
Winform Best Bet 24/01/2018   PORT LINCOLN 4 1000 1.MACKIE 3rd  
Winform Best Bet 26/01/2018   WAGGA WAGGA 1 1000 1.WANNA GET A WHAT    
Winform Best Bet 27/01/2018   CAULFIELD 4 1100 1.MAGNESIUM ROSE    
Winform Best Bet 2/02/2018   CANBERRA 3 1000 2.QUANTUM TIME    
Winform Best Bet 3/02/2018   CAULFIELD 7 2000 9.BEDFORD 1st 2.25
Winform Best Bet 4/02/2018   STRATHALBYN 2 1100 6.BANCHORY’S CHOICE 2nd  
Winform Best Bet 4/02/2018   SALE 7 1205 2.STELLAR COLLISION 2nd  
Winform Best Bet 5/02/2018   CESSNOCK 4 1150 2.STRIP TEASE 1st 1.94
Winform Best Bet 7/02/2018   SANDOWN-LAKESIDE 5 1200 2.STELLAR COLLISION 1st 1.9393
Winform Best Bet 10/02/2018   CAIRNS 1 950 1. LUSHAN 1st 1.76
Winform Best Bet 11/02/2018   SUNSHINE COAST 2 1200 2.THE SOCIALIST 1st 1.95
Winform Best Bet 13/02/2018   BALLARAT 4 1200  1.DOVES CRY 1st 1.575
Winform Best Bet 13/02/2018   TAMWORTH 6 1000 1.GOLDEN LEGACY 1st 1.9
Winform Best Bet 14/02/2018   MORPHETTVILLE PARKS 2 1000 6.MISS LABELLE 1st 2.31
Winform Best Bet 17/02/2018   FLEMINGTON 8 1000 1.REDZEL 2nd  
Winform Best Bet 20/02/2018   MACKAY 1 1050 1.CYCLONE TOPGIRL 1st 1.98
Winform Best Bet 24/02/2018   ROSEHILL 3 1100 4.SUNLIGHT 1st 2.835
Winform Best Bet 25/02/2018   BALAKLAVA 5 1050 6.MISS LABELLE 1st 2.75
Winform Best Bet 26/02/2018   TAREE 7 1250 1.TAWFIQ BOY 2nd  
Winform Best Bet 1/03/2018   TERANG 5 1206 5.KAIKEN    
Winform Best Bet 3/03/2018   MORPHETTVILLE 4 1050 1.VIENNESE STAR 3rd  
Winform Best Bet 7/03/2018   WARWICK FARM 2 1200 5.TARABAI 1st 4.8


Cheers and keep up the good work!



Thanks For A Winning Weekend

Hi Garry


Just want to say thank u for my package as it paid for it yesterday and to be honest my betting lately


has been pretty ordinary anyway thanks again and keep up the good work


John O’Grady Ed John  has paid up for the Autumn Package (cost $590 for March April so he must have backed our $20 winner Nozome and the $640  Trifecta in Sydney or was it Grunt @ $5.50 or one of the others?? Either way the winners have been there.


Hi Garry,

Thank you for that, much appreciated.

My subscription to the Winform everyday ratings for all of the races means that I haven’t subscribed to the Autumn package but having access to those ratings has been great as too using the GTX Analyser to investigate various angles. (ED: FOR gtx INFO AND WINFORM RATINGS INFO email

Also the eBook pass ($295 gets you every Winform publication including all 20 magazines worth over $1,500) has been a big advantage to my racing education as I now take all of your books/magazines wherever I travel for work and they provide excellent reading at night as well as on the planes.  I am now reading your book Winning Your Only Option for probably the 4th time.

It is amazing when you read a reference book like that, it (a) reminds you of something that you already knew but had stopped applying on a regular basis and (b) how you can pick up something that you may have glossed over in the previous readings.  I have had the same enjoyable experience re-reading many of your other books and all 20 of the magazines.

You have certainly compiled a wonderful body of educational racing material over the years which is appreciated.

Once again, thank you for the e-Book.


GregS Ed: Greg is one of our regular semipro punters and subscribers. We recently helped him out with free updates on one of our Ebooks.


Dear Garry, I am writing to ask you to assess the strategy I have developed for my betting.
Since I retired 2 years ago I have spent a lot of time and money trying to come to grips with my failings as a punter
These are essentially 1. Excessive expectations as to the returns I can expect, and a lack of capital.
2. A lack of patience with methods that face long runs of outs
3. An inability to be confident operating under pressure if betting race to race. This is compounded by a tremor in my right hand ( my mouse hand ) which becomes almost uncontrollable under stress.
4 A lack of sufficient skill to make independent judgements about a horses chances.

Having to pay for ratings or services out of my pension I tried a number of relatively low  cost services. None of them can even get close to your HR2D service, which is not that much more expensive than those other services.
So I have subscribed to HR2D and trialled the C Plan over the last week, with results that have been exceptional, with a 60% Race Strike Rate at $2.00 av div., and 12% POT.
This was from some 74 races, so while a reasonable sample I am assuming that it may be an aberration. So I am basing my strategy on strike rate of 50% at between $2.1 & $2.2. The better price is something I am confident of, as an examination of the bets made shows that I  missed many opportunities to take advantage of bets boost offered, and taking fixed prices on mid price selections which consistently paid better at Top Tote+.

So to my strategy, which is to follow the C Plan using HR2D. 1. Eliminate any meeting on Heavy tracks.
2. Eliminate any event that has little or no form
3  Eliminate events where both are over $4
4. Eliminate those events where I cannot get at least 50% profit
5  Eliminate events where i cannot get at least $2.25 fixed on the favorite.
6 Eliminate events where one selection is scratched.

I have a bank of $5000 that I can afford to lose. Looking at the way Money factory handles the bet progression, I have broken the $5000 into 5 X $1000 banks.
I am using 3 columns, with a target of $50 per column and a base bet of $10. With around 60+ races a week at an average outlay per race of $15, this should give me turnover of $900-$1000 per week. With a profit of between $90 & $100 per week, this would seem to be in line with             some of the examples you have shown on your site from time to time. If at any time there is a breakdown in the system and I have drawn down more than 70% of a bank, I will close off, total my capital, divide by 5 and recalculate my bets. Even if this happened a couple of times a
year I would still be ahead.
The 3 columns enables me to make calm, unhurried decisions as I am betting from 10 to 30 minutes out. This does not seem to have a negative effect on my results; if anything I am probably making better decisions. I would point out that the decisions made are based solely
on the structure of the market at the time, not on any opinion I may have of any runners chances. As you have pointed out ” swings and roundabouts” seem to take care of any variance that may occur.

Sorry to be so long winded but putting everything in writing has sharpened my focus on what I am doing.

Does this make sense? Your opinion is valued.



ED: Re: Betting Strategy

The strategy is generally in line with recommendations.the average. Dividend is higher than expected so good selecting on the right comparison. Always seek the best price. Why not change your mouse to left handed operation. Can’t remember how to do this but easy and google will tell you. I did this years ago when I broke my arm. I take Money Factory to the end But in your case with 3 columns it might see one Colomn get out of hand, if this happens you can credit a good result to it to get it under control. Anyhow that’s what some members have done. HR2d can fluctuate beteeen 34% wins to 60% plus at at times so just take care and all the best. I might highlight your strategy for othe members as we do have quite a few since we reduced the price. Garry


Hi Garry, just wanted to wish you and Ros a Happy CHristmas and enjoy your New Year  . John’s selections made my day yet again and it’s the best thing I have ever done, get the selections put the money on and collect, it just keeps winning.  I don’t care if some of them are a short price, it just means I win more often. Andrew (the Mower Man). Ed Thanks and glad you took advantage.John is working harder than ever and we now have more subscribers to his service than ever before.

Go! thanks mate, just service, by the way loving staking kings!  Ed: Corey is a subscriber to the software professional punting services.