Graham has had great success with the HR2D Top Two

Dear Garry,

I have just completed 2 months of consistent profits based aound HR2D. Strike rate 42%, av div $2.72, ROI 20.52%, using Money Factory.

The inevitable run of outs will occur, but I have built a base and level of confidence to cope.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done, but any success is due to the information contained in your writings and the feedback you have given.


One of those comments you made in your blog was that your son was good at reading the markets, but not managing hiis bets.

I have found that paying attention to the shape of the market gives me an edge as I am right more often than not when deciding to stay out of any given race.


Thank you very much for your continued support; it has made my retirement much more enjoyable.




Graham Jellis

Curious Call

We had a call to day from a client who was aware I am travelling overseas for a hard earned holiday and he wanted to renew before I left. The reason it was important he explained was that since I spoke to him about our Hotshots service (av win price $4+) 12 months ago he had changed his lone held strategy of never even looking at horses that were longer than about $3.50.

He told us that he still backed those shorter priced horses and was losing BUt he was making up the losses by following our Hotshots and in some cases backing them for the place! It was like he was breaking some sort of Golden Rule to do so but he had done it very profitably over the year.

The deal we had with our first lot of Hothots subscribers (its only a name but the main rules is that they are rated odds on by Winform Ratings) was that as long as they continued to subscribe they would be renewed at the initial price which these days is half the current price. Point is that virtually no-one, well almost no-one, has dropped out and that is rare. Most punters give up when they get a long losing run but with the occasioanl $20 winner getting up, our subscribers don’t want to miss those if they can help it.

So thanks for the feedback.



Hi Peter here,


just wanted to let you know that thanks to Money Factory   

I am in front again with the Maiden selections. Landing a winner at $7.80 cleared the Bank and took me to a new high. It took 64 selections but thats the beauty of the program, it simply adjusts your bets to manage your situation. As for the Melbourne Demons, its looking like a lost cause,



Peter (Melbourne)


Happy With Everything we do.

I’m happy with everything you guys do. Just letting you know I am stepping away for a while, back a bit later. Thanks  , Troy

Ed: Like everybody , we sometimes need a break to concentrate on work , unless of course you punt professionally although even then a few weeks off to refresh is a good thing. Over the years we have noted that we do not get any criticism such as “your service sucks” or anything like that. What we do get is emails like the above and they always come back so thanks.



You said the Hotshots would take off over Summer and they did!. I’m really enjoying the selections and how often do you get winners at $21.90 like Wednesday? I’m upgrading my subscription for the Autumn Carnival.

John O’Grady SAust.

Steve is another recent subscriber to Winform Ratings who is doing well

Hi Garry,


I’ve just paid for another month so appreciate if you could extend my membership to end Feb.


I fell asleep last night and missed putting bets on the last couple at Pakenham bugger it but overall another good day.


Interested in that guys success with the multis, I’m getting some good divvies with the exactas using your top 5




Winform Ratings and Selections An Asset

Also Garry id like to say, your programs are a real testament to you. It’s an excellent asset to any punter.

Alex P Queensland


As long as you are going just keep me going. Im very happy with the service and the selections and John Furgals SMS service is going well for me. Tell him to keep up the good work and I know my subscription isn’t due yet but I might as well pay now if that suits you?” Bill, Sydney NSW.  Bill has been with us using Money Factory and Winform Powerplay and the Winform ratings for some years now as he heads to retirement.


I have very little to say other than you’re a genius!


Pick of The Pubs …. pick of the year to bulk up those exotics! Outstanding


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Yesterday we recommended a Banker Quinella for our Daily Feature Race. The Quinella cost $4 retrun approx $40. The Exacta Trifecta and $1500 First 4 also came up. Damian lives in the U.S. but is a long term describer.


Alan Gibson has been a long time retired and now on a pension after he and hundreds of others were ripped off by a financial adviser, Commonwealth Bank was one that had to repay everyone they advised but unfortunately for Alan, his was  an independant adviser. Luckily Alan is able to supplement his pension by applying the principles he learnt from attending several Winform Seminars. His not to us Saturday was short and sweet ” as far as advisers go, Garry Robinson is the one that I know can be trusted. I work just three hours a day maximum from the first race and quit once in front using what I have learnt with Winform.