Hi Garry, just wanted to wish you and Ros a Happy CHristmas and enjoy your New Year  . John’s selections made my day yet again and it’s the best thing I have ever done, get the selections put the money on and collect, it just keeps winning.  I don’t care if some of them are a short price, it just means I win more often. Andrew (the Mower Man). Ed Thanks and glad you took advantage.John is working harder than ever and we now have more subscribers to his service than ever before.

Go! thanks mate, just service, by the way loving staking kings!  Ed: Corey is a subscriber to the software professional punting services.


“John Furgals SMS servcie always bounce back, 6 wins from 12 selections this weekend and I can’t belive the price on the last winners yesterday @ $5.” ED: When you consider that John Furgals SMS servic e has posted just under 50% winners for the year, dividends of $5 are not uusually expected so a good result.


Hi Garry,

It’s no consolation but I found this out some years ago. I got some story about money laundering.  I cancelled my TAB account immediately and received a full refund of monies. By law they cannot refuse to return your money but you must cancel your account. Given your current circumstances I doubt that would cause you concern. But here’s the thing, they still email me with various offers. They’re not encouraging me to gamble by the way only to bet and , wait for it, have fun.


I’m a Melbournite and regularly use Rod Cleary to bet with both at the track and on-line. When I need to I withdraw in cash at the track and can also deposit in cash at the track. A number of professionals I know who are much bigger punters than I, also use him. You might like to pass that on to those members who can take advantage.


Mark Ham

eD: Mark was responding to our recent Newsletter where our Punters Club wasn’t allowed to withdraw a deposit we made to bet with on Emirates Day, demanding we bet through the entire sum $5,000 before any wothdrawal at all.


“As much as I’ve enjoyed winning over the years and concentrating on the ratings I no longer have the time and so I needed someone to come up with a service that meets my needs. John Furgals SMS gives me enough selections to keep me interested and making a profit. Lately Mr Furgal has been on fire, keep up the good work! “Andrew NSW Ed> Andrew has gone into property maintenance and so spends a lot of time outdoors. John’s SMS specials allows him to put his bets on and simply collect and adjust his bets inbetween. He just checks his phone at lunchtime. Recently the Specials came up with 8 wins from 11.

they should erect a statue in your honour

Fair dinkum! The subscribers to your Spring package should erect a statue in your honour. I’ve never had so many longshot winners in my life and today, the First 4 race 2 over $6,000 the recommended place bet on The Monstar $7.80, I couldn’t believe it…and you’ve tipped the $5 winner Rich Charm in the same race PLUS the single selections 3 winners from 7 bets in 4 races on the biggest punting day of the year.. Does it get better than that and the Melbourne Cup to come. I’m sure you’ll supply the winner after Boomtime at $51 in the Caulfield Cup.. keep em coming….Sam the handy man” Ed: much appreciated.

Big Win on HUmidorin Cox Plate

Hey Garry,

In your weekly video I noted that your top 3 horses for the Winx out market were Happy Clapper, Royal Symphony and Humidor. The prices for them on Betfair, were so good, that it was profitable to place all three in a Dutch Bet, so that’s what I did. Unfortunately there was the contact between Happy Clapper and Royal Symphony (Oliver got 20 meetings for causing it!) but Humidor certainly filled the breach left by those two, almost upstaging Winx, as you know ! ! Quite a nice result for me. Thanks again for your tips.


Mark Taylor