Big Win for our Tassie client

Gday Garry,


You asked on the best bets page to email if you got on at Cranbourne yesterday.


I most certainly did.  I got the exacta twice and the trifecta once all from an outlay of $67, and just missed the first 4.


Why $67 you might ask?


Because on Saturday taking your best bet (winter bride) into my own best bet (Sunlight) into your advice to take Oohood the place in the Guineas, I had a nice little multi bet collect.  Then also getting the trifecta and the quinella in the guineas (thanks to your selections) … meant what started at $200 at the start of the day ended up being $2267!


So the new disciplined me, withdrew $2000, left $200 in there for next Saturday and splashed the $67 in some weird exotic combos on your Cranbourne selections….  then I get back to tassie off the plane last night and thought I’d check the results, low and behold that $67 (and the $200) has suddenly become 4 figures again …..


Simply outstanding my friend!

Another Happy new Member

Hi Garry

Just joined  last week (winform best bet / feature race)and extremely happy with the service,  my intension in the future is to step up to the next level what would you suggest as the best package to move to next.

My strengths are good money management /discipline.

Thank you



I AM GLAD TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I’VE BEEN REACHING MY PROFIT GOALS EVERYDAY, USUALLY BEFORE LUNCH! (That wont be the case when daylight saving kicks in Ed) As Trevor Johns says over and over in his books “If you can’t win with these tools you really have to go and try something else”  Sam (Melbourne) Of Course, Trevor Johns, author of Punting My Perfect Investment, has made his fortune punting and has collected his profits and now lives a comfortable life in a tropical paradise with his every need met. Racing really was his perfect investment. Sam, by the way, is a train driver who fits his punting into his shifts. Trevor by the way was a Melburnian and train driver who ate regularly at The Clock in Flinders Station. I’m guessing it will be gone in the rebuild. Ed.

HR2D a winning strategy

Hi Garry


Just  letting you know I backed  the HR2D selections with the select tracks last saturday. I had an excellent day and made  a tidy profit.


Thanks Leanne. Ed: Leanne looked up the tracks where HR2D performs best over the past three years. Graet result.

Thanks for the $101 WINNER

Thanks for these Garry,
Got to love $101 winners in R3 then quit in front and work on the beer!

Ed: We always appreciate the feedback when our subscribers back a  winner. He wasn’t the only one either so very chuffed to get the feedback from so many.


We got the grand children and took them too christopher robin i remember reading winnie the poo as a kid myself i thoroughly recomend as a family movie im learning too take a win and not chase any more you usualy end up in the same spot or even lose a bit after hours of trying lol take the early win and relax.i am getting better at this i started with $1500 in the bank last wed when i sent my last msg by saturday night i had $4200 sunday off just put a $100 on each hotshot as i was working came home and had a $1700 win hence the family treat just under 6 k in my bank now thats a good 5 days i think.have an awesome day , Andy. Ed Andy has certainly learnt how to treat this “game” he took every punting book he could find and spent the first few weeks reading them. There’s always something new to learn.

Andy continues his winning journey.

Hello garry.a week since our last chat.i have been busy.20 bets a day at a $10 limit.ive used your banking and stake strategies.starting with 2x banks of $250 ive doubled my bank 3 times in 7 days.ive increased my bet size each time.ive now started a small bank for your quinella trifecta tips as im not that smart yet.thankyou for the pointers.discipline and focus are the key.have a great week regards too you and your family.andy Ed. We advised Andy that it wont always be that easy but with the Professional Staking Plan (which he is using) your bank and bets get trimmed back in a losing run but accelerate quickly when the winners come back.

Andy is learning and making punting a success

Hi garry i hope you are well.may i ask the 1st at murwillumbah pretty im pink is this the best horse to you?.its dollar value pn winform is 1.6 yet $4.40 if back now.its down in prize money and rates winform 58 and score of trying to get my head into this i have had a good week this week only betting small tho im not betting everything now as you hone it a bit more every day the profit increases.yesterday 2x gold bets gave came in and dutch top 2 in 16 races turned $200 total bets too $395 return almost double similar previous day.have an awesome day too you your family and friends regards andy. Ed Andy bought all of our books and has been reading them diligently. He subscribed to Winform Ratings for the Spring and is “learning his trade”. We are pleased to see he is getting the gist of it

New subscriber Ready To Win

got the trifecta hoohoo, can’t wait for today now, good to look forward to getting out of bed and have something to get excited about.

Thanks Garry.


Thanks For Your Efforts

Thank you very much for your courteous and kind attention to this matter


A start up bonus would be great




Ed: We organised for Frank to get a cash bonus to his betting account. It will help Frank keep an interest in what has been a consuming passion for life.