Gotta LOve Powerplay

Thanks Garry,

First day today using your Winform ratings. Wow! Brilliant! Had 4 bets today using your ratings and Powerbet. $1000 bank and $10 base bet. I have had 3 winners from my first 4 bets – a $9.90 winner, an $11.80 winner and a $5.80 winner!! Am $200 in front and think I will stop for the day. (hardest thing of all is knowing when to stop).

Thanks again for you excellent service and ratings, and the brilliant Powerbet program!

Have a Happy New Year



The best punting program in the world

“Honestly guys, punters have absolutely no grounds to complain about winning if they aren’t using the Money Factory program for their punting. It must be ten years or more that I have been using it and I would honestly be lost without it. They say you can’t beat losing runs but with this program you can. The new version at is so simple to use and your data is backed up. I print out my results for the day and keep a permanent hard copy record. I’ve turned 80 and no computer genius, so if I can use it anyone can.”  Alan Gibson Nowra NSW

Thanks for the update

Shane reported that he couldnt see all the detail on his smart phone when accessing the Best Bets at work. Thanks to SDhane asking we had a look and fixed the problem by reducing the size of the banners.

” Not sure whta your programmer did but can now see everything. Thanks very much for the effort. Shane J.” Well thanks to Shane we have solved the problem for all our Members.

Quick service

Hi Garry,


No drama with that.  ( we sent copies of an item that Greg did not have)


I was looking through the list for items I did not have and knew I had one of the three but could not remember purchasing the other 2.


I have already read the Winning is Everything book a couple of times and each time have picked up some additional ideas.


Thanks for the link and also thanks for the fast service (including Belle’s Sunday delivery of the rest of the order!)





Thanks for the one one one

Hi Garry


Firstly thanks so much for your kind welcoming and hospitality yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. As I drove away it felt like I was leaving an old friend I had known for years.Sounds like you had some fun after I left with the maxi yacht.Should have stayed for another green ginger wine. Good combination. (off to get a bottle today.I am going to try to put into practice the things you showed me as it has added another dimension to the way I was doing my bets.It is about being more disciplined and careful in my approach and I believe can then achieve better results.I am hoping this will be successful and put me on the road to a more satisfying future as I am prepared to give it my best.I think there may be some extra tools I may need as watching your 2 screens made the job easier and more efficient so will think about that. I am going to sit down today and start slowly and get things rolling.Any advice you can offer will always be appreciated as respect your knowledge and expertise..

Have looked at remainder of yesterdays results and as you say was more good winners but like you enjoyed sitting on your steps with a beer looking over that wonderful view recounting old memories.Priceless.Will read the mags over Christmas and look at the ebook today.


Again thanks for the day it was one out of the bag.Hope we can do it again one day.


Kind regards and Cheers



Happy with new book.

Hi Garry,

Thanks for attending to my order for Winning Is Everything.It took a while to get here but was worth the wait. Jim McL Qld.

You’re a Legend

Well done again Gary,

I dutched your first 5 horses in the cup (each for a win) and of course, the winner was among them ! !

You’re a legend ! !


Mark Taylor


Great win

Hi Garry


Great win and good selections that never cease to amaze me.Was -270 (my fault) until Winx brought me to +70. What a run by a great horse.Had a beer or two to celebrate and was thanking you for been spot on as I have become to expect..Then picked up Success Story R5 Ascot.Another $120.Took me a while to get into PowerPlay staking due to my lack of techo skills but now taken the step and doing ok.Well done mate and thanks so much.





C Plan still working well

Hi Garry,

C Plan is still going along nicely. A question. Favourites in the Top Two Winform ratings regardless of distance will add to my turnover. Will this add profit is the question? I;m asking long term through Money Factory staking. Am I better to stick to the C Plan and increase the size of my bets or stay at the same level and bet the above?

Reply from Editor: The Winform Favourite strategy will work fine although our experience is that the dividends are lower outside the C Plan but will still work within the Money Factory staking.


Been a great weekend Gary. tks.Jeff T.

Jeff travels Australia with his blue heeler mate fishing here and there inbetween stints as a professional bus driver. Jeff spent a few days with us at the Winform Racing Seminar and followed up with advice and making a killing with this weekends Group Racing at Moonee valley, Randwick and Flemingon. Sorry we missed the Quadei Jeff. Funny how we got the 50/1 shot up but missed with Royal Descent going down in a photo.