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****ALERT**** Dynamicodds has a problem that is being worked on so ratings may not show up until it is fixed****PROBLEM IS FIXED AS AT 12.01 Those Members who started Amelias method this week had a wonderful day yesterday. I follwed it myself for a short while and quit after a double figure winner but it didn't end there. Look, if you're using Powerbet/Powerplay you will lose a few series runs but that's in the design. You can only expect to collect one race in four but when you do the series usually clears itself unless the shorter priced runners win, and I don't mean $2 and $3 shots generally as 99% of the time they don't qualify and that's the other thing. You might only get a bet on average about every 5 or 6 races. But you know what? Members have told me they are having fun so I suppose that is the angle they want. And also when we run it generally it has made a level stakes profit but there can be a while between drinks so that's why we use the Powerbet/Powerplay and I'll be honest, our Winform top three Powerplay strategy was based on Amelias plan in the first place.Read More...

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