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"A Classs Above Them", "Class Will Tell"

Ever heard those proclamations from the race broadcaster? Yes , I have too. Then a  quick look at the form reveals the winner has previously had 31 starts for just one win. It's true and it goes to show you can't believe everything you hear. Yes there are horses that always seem to be pronounced as a Class above these and yet many times they have low strike rates and it's just because they have been more prominent in the beting or in the good stable or ownership etc. waffle wafle waffle. The good punter ingnores all this rubbish even though occasionally these "Class" horses get home. We generally don'tlike horses with strike rates below 15% on Metropolitan days and apply 20% or more for many of our selection processes with exemptions for horses with small numbers of starts where the horse may still be learning. We also look at recency, who could continue to follow a horse that has not won in its last 16 starts? Yes they do win but how rarely ? 6%? Good luck today.Read More...

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