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So we had a fabulous week with the Bot aftre programming changes we made last Tuesday. Using a different type of staking I increased my Bank by 50% on our Win program, or method if you like. But I was curious to see if we were just having a good week and so spent some time analysing things. Now I know I used Betfair which aftre commission and racefield levies is probably less than best tote or SP as provided by many of the corporates but here are the figures for the week of the three methods I am using. Win1 43 wins from 79 races 54% and yes above average and dividend per race $2.15 which is right on average. C Plan 25 wins from 56 races @ $1.94, a bit down but then again so was race strike rate of 45%. The Top Three  was 67 races from 154 or 44% which is right on average and div of $2.5 so once again about what we expect. Reality is we had very small losing runs last week with nothing over 7 even though for the year to date 11 is more likely the longest losing run but 18 is possible with a win strike rate of 50%. It's got nothing to do with any particular system it's just how the maths work out.Read More...

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