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A confirmed test was the "C" Plan

A confirmed test was the "C" Plan

In the original book the C Plan  had a 18% profit. In the end we know that the C Plan works to this day even though the average profit is around 10% but that is really good money in  todays markets. In another recent survey we found that when the Winform horse i the Top Two was favourite the market was just confirming that we were right and that is the only ay to look at it. With favourites winning say 33%, then the favourite that was in the Winform Top Two was wining at least 10% more often than this so as much as 40% for favourites on Good 3 tracks at up to $3.00. It’s one way you can focus and our book Winning With Favourites shows that. Great value for just $99 and you should recoup your cost within days of getting it as it alos hsows the relationship between the actual betting market and and free ratings provided by the TAB.Read More...

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