Another good winning day for Hotshots with two good winners from the five selections including Rug Rat $5 top fluctuation with Vicbet .com and I also had some of the early $5.50 at Bet365. In the Daily Feature our 2nd rated runner blitzed them $6 into $4.2 but the top rater blew to $81 and tailed the field with never a chance after dropping out at barrier rise/ John Furgals SMS service found two wins and two placing from 4 selectons. Our place bet missed to extend our current losing run and the challenge as always is to hold the line instead of sending out low paying “more certain” dividends. The problem with that, as I foind out many years ago is that the “more certain” propositions often fail just as the “less certain” arrive in style with a big dividend.



Three winners from just six bets meant a massive catch up and profit for the Hosthots yesterday, the prices I got were $2.05, $11 (approx) and $5.5 although Vicbet users got $6. Using the Powerplay program meant a minor bonanza and of course Money Factory users would be beside themselves I imagine, although I have not been able to keep track of this, being a little out of touch while in Tassie last week. The Highstrikers Last Minute Mail had 11 wins from the 18 races and the Last Minute Mail  Specials had a very good result as well. Not  a lot of new players onboard since we reduced the price to just $99 a month so I am a bit surprised at that. I’m also surprised we had a couple drop out of Winform Daily Mail, considering the Hotshot results we have had. I can’t imagine waht it will be like if we have a serious run of outs and we will have one or two, longest losing run so far is 21 yet here we are , miles in front! I fear that runs of outs shake out a lot of people who come on board without an adequate bank . Just by the way, we have now appointed Punters Edge a to market our various punting products and they will have a product exclusive to them, similar to what John Furgal does I guess. Our Place plan has dropped off remarkably but you have to expect this when we only take horses expected to probably lose. Yesterday we missed when Savanna Amour got nutted on the line out of third place , we actually liked both her and Champagne Cuddles each way. The latter has had enough I guess but there is more upside for Savanna Amour, probably in the Spring. The C Plan continuest o perform and as you know we can’t do everything so each subscriber continues to do their own thing. It is interesting that many of our Winform Daily Mail subscribers have stuck to the favourite plan and are doing well and not even adding in the Hotshots. 500 subcribers and 500 methods of attack. It’s all good as long as everyone is winning. Have a good day today.


Donald kicks off at 10.51 today. We should have all our programs loaded by then but don’t expect the SMS service until later but the ratings inclduihg WA will be done.  Still a lot o rain affected tracks around but with improving weather next week should be a better week. It’s hard to believe that many horses are coming back into their stables for the early Spring races, yes we’re only seven weeks away from the first Black type races. The last of the Winter Carnivals are Doomben today and then soon we get the Grafton Carnival, always a highlight and one that I missed when overseas each year from 2012 to 2016. Did you note how close we went to another longshot Ipswich Cup winner last week. It’s a reminder of the sort of winners Winform Ratings can find. Oh well back to work, th scartchings are coming in.


The continual push to more meetings on Saturdays can prevent a decent list of meetings for other days. Mondays and Tuesdays can be so sparse as to suggest we miss these days altogether. Today Ballina and Geelong grass track are both Heavy, why they are not using the synthetic track I don’t know.  That ;leaves us the synthetic Canberra Acton track and Rockhampton, a handful of races. We’ve run Ballina as a soft track to see if there are more Hotshots today as the weather is fine and sunny. But you have to be prepared to pull those selections, if any, should the expected upgrade not occur. As it happens though, there are none. The challenge to find a suitable Daily Feature today is ;limited to a mere handful of potential races, still we will see what we can do. Yesterday we suggested a place bet as a better option than a ducthbet  ad so it proved with our selection running 2nd to make it five places in five starts for Akvavit, always finding so far, something better. Have a fun day today, I’m taking our preschoolers to Incredibles 2. That gets me a couple of hours out of the offcie anyway.


It limits our selections and we have a place nomination today at Pekenham on the artificial track. Why we don’t have this option in NSW defies logic. Why run on heavy tracks which are unpredictable when a nice equitrack option  at say Canterbury or even Gosford or Wyong would be a good option? The State is ripping off yet another tax with the latest location based revenue so why not use that? I have two place bets today and it looks like a nice Premium  and maiden options today to keep us interested.


Our top two rated horses in the Ipswich Cup paid $5.5 and $16 for the place. The odds on favourite Tradesman just got the upper hand in the last stride. They were certainly good each way bets wouldn’t you say? But a place does not give us bragging rights. In the Weekend Feature Race we also got 2nd and 3rd, though these were much shorter priced runners.  We had two maiden selections for one winner @ $2.9. and there were plenty of good winners along the way, we had the Trifecta in the top three race one at Moonee Valley, winner was $21.  Th Highstrikers Last minute Mail had just one special and it won @ $3.80. Winners for the Last Minute Mail were @ 4.9, $6.6, $9.2, $5.5,$5.3, $3.5 , $1.95 and $5.  8 winners from 19 races and a small but greatfully received profit. A reasonable day overall with plenty of winners around. Nracoorte has been abandoned and Port Hedland, well no ones betting on that. A very windy and cold day today. I hope to watch the Knights and Storm game but I’ll do it from my office.  Poor Mat , I have found, had a disease that while the symptoms have ceased, they usually reoccur within a few weeks and he is contagious for 12 weeks or more. We’re just hoping that we didn’t pick up anything, a bit unlikely though as we were all heavily clothed when we embraced. We only got the medical report overnight. Now we know why he was in a single room in a public hospital, it was to keep him away from other patients. Still, he will recover in time , just the usual good diet good hygiene and good attitude to life.


Well not all is well but Mat is on the road to recovery, he actually was discharged the night we left home although medical appointments meant we didn’t see him until Thursday. He is a shadow of himself and faces a long recovery but is being looked after by his very tolerant girlfriend who has signed on as a carer. He needs one. On the Racing front  I was okay but disappointed that Beesheba Lass ran 4th, we took $11 fixed for the place, because ti meant we had correctly assessed that it would be a major improvement but that we were close but no box of chocolates. Our Hotshots all missed but our other place bet was a win for us @ $3.50 fixed. hat’s a great result and a profit for the week for our place selections. Hard at work now and hope to have ratings online by 9 then updates by 10.30. A bit of studying to do before I get he Possible place bets done, hoping for another result at Ipswich, we have had some amazing Cup winners at big prices there. And thanks to everyone for their support. Mat himself received over 900 best wishes.


Well after a meeting in Tullarmaine, we’re off to Tassie and boy was our Virgin plane worn out. It was raining both outside  and inside the plane with the flight crew using tape to stop my tray table from moving “please do not touch ” it said. Two overhead lockers were both taped off and it was a full flight. And they went around using chux to stop water leaks onto passengers heads. Lucky it seemed to be flying okay. Launceston was wet and cool but we got into our Sebel suite okay. Off to see Mat today, and if he’s okay, Mowbray tomorrow, to meet. Mat is at home last night but the hospital forgot a script for one of his essential medications. He sounded on the mend today but barely walking, no surprise. The authorities are still tracking down where the cows came from and testing water and soil samples at Mats place. They still don’t know exactly what he has got, only two known similar cases apparently. Anyhow, our two hotshots yesterday both placed at very good prices but I’m on for the win. Off to brekkie now then Mat and see what happens.


Only one bet but what a bet. It looked hopeless to the turn but once let loose it swamped them and didn’t the money telll! I took $5.5 in the a.m. and it opened at $3.8 on course to firm and start fav @ $3.2 which was 10 cents less than top tote. David Bendeich has imposed some rules of his own. He does not back them in SA or WA and claims better results and also he has loosened the rules so while we have a ruel -200 to + 200 in the distance differenece he ignores that and also he ignores runners well beaten last start AND also includes 6yo which we don’t. His amendments increase he number of bets dramatically BUT also 25% more profit from a lower strike rate. Our plan has 28% wins $4.2 av win $1.69 plce, his is 27 % AND 53% PLCE @ $4.57 AND $1.82. OBVIOUSLY MOST WINNERS AND SELECTIONS ARE DUPLICATED BUT HE FOUND A $23 WINNER SATURDAY THAT WE MISSED.  Two hotshots today and Ive put my bets on before heading off to Tasmania where its expected to b wet wet wet all week, just what I need while Ros and I are there. Just got off the phone to Mat and he is improving but they are still having trouble getting his blood levels right and still not in control of his bowels, well good for the Sorbent company. Well off to pack our raincoats.


Yes Saturday only subscribers can see all of todays ratings under Saturday. I am off to Tassie tomorrow til the weekend. All subscriptions are up to date for the week so all good. I don’t think anyone will miss me too much but our phone is diverted to my mobile so messages can be left and of course I can answer emails. Also I will have limited opportunities to asses place bets however we do have a good one today, I think. Only $2.10 but pretty certain I think. The Hitshots have had a good weekend and in my “spare” time I ran Mays Hotshots thorugh Powerplay 2 at a time and achieved on paper at least 39% profit fro the month. Not bad. Hard to lose too. Most of the time we were running on level stakes or just small recoup bets. More info as we know more.