We found 2nd and 3rd in our final Cup assessments in the top five but to be honest, the race , and most races at Caulfield were not run truly. It soon became obvious that leaders was the place to be. Despite that both we and Highstrikerslastminute mail came out with a win in race 1 (winform had the quinella in top two) race 2 went to Lst Minuet Mail with winform 2nd and 3rd Race 3 Winform had 1,2,3 and HSLMM had the winner which was also the only special on the day. Race 4 found From Within for both HSLMM and Winform. If ever there was a case for quitting when in front this was it. The track at Caulfield went from bad to worse and the leaders were walking then sprinting leaving the backmarkers behind. Our Bolter selection Booker which normally comes from behind, wsa ridden on the pace but that backfired and well, you can’t win em all. In the end I didnt have a bet in the Cup other than a bonus bet which I took as a Trifecta. The winner has tuned out to be a specialist on both soft going and 2400. See what happens when we get to 3200 in a  couple of weeks.


I don’t know how many of these guys are still in action but they will all be eager for the possibility of a Caulfield Cup win to add to their resumes BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE THEY WILL GET THEIR SILKS WET. It is frustrating today that so many of the runners have not yet been tested at the 2400 and of course many are here for run to get them fit for the Melbourne Cup. A few like Ace High are hoping for both. You can see my video ion the home page and it is at best a cursory view. To that I have been forced to add Cliffsofmoher BUT having seen most of its runs I am not inspired to back it in this race. It seems to need a really long race as it doesn’t seem to pick up until, in my opiniuon, way too late. Anyhow everyhthing is posted at 10 a.m. most was up by 9. Its interesting that the top 4 HR2D possibilities are also in my top 5 but I have looked at many and there are still those overseas runners that are having their first aussie start today. Makes it a trap race doesnt it?WE’VE UPGRADED OUR SPRING PREVIEW TO INCLUDE SOFT TRACK RATINGS. IF IT GETS HEAVY I WONT BE BETTING EXCEPT I ALREADY HAVE ABOUT TWO GRAND OUT.


It wasn’t a big winner but a winner oit was on a day where most of our Mackay selections ran 2nd.  Moe was rain affected and the Cup went to sixties Groove from our higher rated Snizipeg. Its hard to see any of the top 18 chances in the Cup tomorrow being scratched  and the track will be in excellent condition in contrats to Sydney. Here on the Cental Coast we copped a strom which thundered and rained and bolted us mercilessly for over an hour so it was an early night without power. Todayis bright and sunny and there is a possibility that Randwick could get up to a soft 7. We have two Gold Club runners in Canberra today, one will be having her last run this campaign and last run ever today depending on how she goes and the other is at the start of what dhould be a great winning campaign. Thats how owenership goes. Our other mare is at Randwick tomorrow and our jckey is coming to Sydney for just that one ride BUT if our trainer is not happy with the track conditons we may scratch and head to he Geelong Cup meeting on Wednesday. Have a good day today.

Good REsults Again Wednesday

I was happy to make $907 yesterday but I made more. I was back in time to get on Brave Song at Caulfield but we alos had a Hotshot at Northam and I am pleased to say that added another $560 to my dentist expenses kitty. I have also decided to ignore spelling mistkaes unless for absolutely viatl info. Mt recent eye operatins have left me womewaht dislectic and that is now what I am so I and you just have to put up with it. I do take extra care when doing bank transfers and palcing best howver. I did make one mistaes in my Caulfeild Cup preview . I had intenede to include Cliffosmoher so not sure what will be the mistake..inclduing it in or leaving it our as per the video. It is 2nd up but did win 2nd up when overseas.  Its run behond Benbatl was good but it has never won beyond 2100 and failed at 2400 but last year did run 2nd at Epsom but not fast time compared to what is required to win here. It does finish stronlgy though so who knows. You cnat back everyhting.


They don’t write about that in the stories about the life of a Professional Punter do they? Anyhow, I get the Caulfield Cup final field today but I doubt I’ll be backing another $50 winner like last year with Boomtime. With all the imports with limited local form to go on it will be hard as always. Today I am speding $700 at the dentist and next week $1600 with combi9ned rebates of about $800 so I need to win $1500 at leats this weekend so be assured I am working hard this evening on the Caulfield form and I will do a new video as soon as the numbness wears off, hopefully by 6 p.m. You know normally we have many selectiosn at Port Lincoln which we rate at $2 or less but today the average top rated runner is around $4 to $5 so does that mean we might see a day of longer priced winners there?? It would be good, I dont like Randwick but Caulfield has two Grou races today and they WILL be on the Preview page around 11 a.m. Heres the video


Both Ipswich and Murwullimbah are abandoned today leaving us Newcastle and Kyneton. Nothing sensational about those two meetings and I coudlnt find a “feature”. Doesn’t matter, we had a good win in our Feature again yesterday even though we missed the Quinella. One of the things Greg Horn focuses on in his strategy is his break up of the exotic bets and win bets he has in Feature races. It gives him a guaranteed win if he gets the winner and a small bonanza if he collects a decent exotic. That’s the same as our Spring Package subscribers got whwn we won the thousand guineas. A win with our Bolter selection, a win with our toprated and recommended each way selection Seabrook, the $800+ Quinella (cost $15) the Exacta was $1201 if you wanted to know,and the $11,000+ Trifecta which I landed myself. I nver thought to take the Quinella, don’t know why but then I did have a go at the first four and two of my selections ran 5th and 6th, Bugga! It’s what reminded me of Grge Horns idea on staking the Features. Had I done so I would have made more than double what I did.


Yes the Cranbourne Cup was another big win for Winform clients and of course the 30 or so new clients who started at the weekend. The last of those have been turned on today and we have an interetsing feature today, it is the big 3yo race postponed from Toowoomba where today the feature will be run late on a 23 degree day so hopeful of a track upgrade. Check the testimonals to see what one of our members did over the weekend. In the meantime heres the new layout for our Premium selections which now sit on the Winform Daily Mail.

 3:10 Orange Race 4 15Oct18 2100m CL1 3YO+  SW $22000 Good 3

No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB

 4 15X43322 Orokonui             1.2 52.9   d    p

7 5X622224 Decapitor          268.9 16.7   dwh

11 2047-890 Brave Maddie       277.1 16.5

1 20608-84 Club Town          421.7 13.8

2 05315565 Dads Boy           504.9 12.5 t dw


Our Best Bet won too and our High Striker Last Minute Mail subscribers got three wins out of the first four races leaving them with a very profitable out. Tpday Sushone Coast ia abandoned leaving a few good meetings. Our Daily Feature Race is the Cranbourne Cup where Furion is the odds on fav but he can be beat as it it is a step up in grade against some very good horses which might peak today. He races like a winner though with only one career defeat so far. A good race and we have taken a risk on oir top rated horse on an each way or place only basis. All todays races are posted now. I am promoting my book Winning Is Everything  at $295 a treasure trove of what I have done to make my punting successful and how you can too. All purchasers this week will also get one month of our Premium ratings so you have access to every race every day over the remainder of the Carnival and the chance to try out my strategies on a serious basis.


So not a real betting opportunity at Randwick but still some good races. Will The Monstar prove how much higher class he is? Will Egg Tart finally get the quiche?  Anyhow, we have many many new subscribers this week and all will have access by 11 a.m we only have about 12 people to set up and I will start on that after the Winform Daily Mail is posted by 10 a.m. everything else is there. Around 11.45 we will have Bunbury updated. Good luck today and we will find out if The Autumn Sun is really as good as Winx…well the bookies aren’t taking any risks @ $1.70. The good news is that Caulfield has come up a treat and will likely get up to  Good 3 early. SO THE TRIFECTA IN RACE 6 AT CAULFIELD WAS DELIGHTFUL. THE WINNER WAS OUR BOLTER SELECTION AND THE OTHER TWO PLACES WERE IN OUR TOP FIVE. I PERSONALLY COLLECTED OVER $11,000 FOR A SMALL OUTLAY ($120 BOX). THE QUINELLA PAID $594, OH WELL CANT HAVE EVERYTHING.


The latest Randwick track report was this morning and it was Heavy 9 but there have been some very heavy falls since so we expect Heavy10 and even depending on the weather we might see posponent. That’d be a worry. But we can look forward to Caulfield tomorrow and our analysis has found some very good bets, unfortunately the market agrees with us, however with them around $4 to $5 I dont mind that. At Randwick The Monstar will never get a better chance to win, he’s a class or two or three above the rest of them, not that I want to take a risk on anything on that track. Bet365, hwver have offered a few of our members a matchig bet up to $100 if you back something in any of the other races at Randwick. I reckon I might take a freebie Le Romain for a place. Pleny of action today and note the Dynamic access to Winform is still on the to do list but of course we don’t manage that othere than to advise them who is entitled to view it.