Our Gold Club Members and Autumn Package subscribers hit pay dirt yesterday after what was a very frustrating last day of the Carnival. Randwick race 3, we said don’t like this race..the result a Quinella and Trifecta but not a big pay anyway. Race 4 we went for it with three selections dutched… the result,  a heads up heads down photo….2nd and 3rd.Race 5 , another dutch with the top three, another head bobbing photo…result 2nd and 3rd…frustrating. Race 6 we werent keen, well no harm done, 2nd and 3rd but no outlay except we had two singles for a 3rd. Randwick race 7. It’s a C Plan race so we do get a small win with Trapeze Artist getting the nod @ $2.30. Our last Group race on the day we say this and we spell it out with capitals. TGIS RACE IS OUR BEST CHANCE TO GET ABIG PAYING QUINELLA TRIFECTA OR FIRST 4 BUT NO GUARANTESS AND THIS.. Could today be Tally’s Day! Tally was our top rated selection and wins easily with th next three horses filling our slots perfectly. QUINELLA $167.30, TRIFECTA $6312 AND FIRST 4 $80299 YES! EIGHTY THOUSAND PLUS. On Victorian TAB is pays just $23,000 so I guess more of our subscribers from down south took it. Strangely I didn’t bother with the Quinella and you know I dont like Exactas…too much outlay for too little value. Tally by the way ( I got $9 fixed for the place) , was one of three Place specials for the day and the only one to get up but oh well… A good days work and a dood Carnival which included Harlem @ $81 in the Australian Cup.


All info is posted , it just remains for the WA scratchings to go in. Highstrikers Last Minute Mail has taken a hit he past two weeks,probably the worst two weeks since we put this together five years ago. Ill be keeping my fingers crossed. Yesterday we attended the funeral of Tony Jenkins, probably the best known ambo in Newcastle. So many people were in the chapel which holds 1,000, another 500 were waiting outside to see the procession. He didn’t have a nasty bone in his body but in the end succumbed to undiagnosed depression which was hidden under his happy persona. A typical male we would say. Tony was a friend and my son in laws uncle, we had Easter with him and the last memory is of him playing with our grandkids  hopping around the yard like an Easter Bunny. For the past week or so I woke in the middle of the night just thinking if we could have done anything to save him. He was turning 56, and no, there were no signs. It’s a warning to us all I guess, like the undiagnosed cancer that kills because we didn’t get checked.  Sorry to be so morbid, we are all okay now after yesterdays celebration, well a bit better anyway and  do hope any of you reading this take a little time to think about yourselves and your colleagues. WELL ANYWAY, TRY TO HAVE A GOOD DAY AND SEE IF YOU CAN MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY TODAY.(NOT THE BOOKMAKERS!)


John Furgals SMS and Eamila service got 2 out of 3 yesterday so better than 50% recently. My place service found a 5th and a 3rd. The 3rd placegtter paid around $1.70 but when we sent it out $2.10 was freely available. It’s what I do each morning. The end price is rarely worse. U try to detect runners which I expect to be backed later. Connections usually bet for the win so those slight moves like a shimmer over the water can back up your form analysis You see, the corporates encourage early betting. It tells something to them too. Anyhow, I have news. We move into testing our new Country Hotshots which have a strike rate of around 30% and high av div, well enough to make 20% p.o.t. anyway and this morning I looked at the possibility of Quinellas Exacta Trifectas and Firs4’s by simply standing out the selection with the next four possibilities. Well Banker Quinellas were close to the win strike rate @ 30% but a slight loss of 5%. Exactas achieved a 18% strike rate at +5%, Banker Trifectas 10% and plus 5% with First 4’s a mere 5% wins but 10% profit so along time between drinks but good results. On balance each way was about the same profit as any of those and more than double for the win only. You tell me. What strategy seems best?


Yep good results and why not. Instead of taking the best race of the day Class wise we are now looking for the best betting race of the day. Hopefully it will work much better. AND we have new selection plan called Country Hotshots, okay just 30% winners but av div around $4. We havent decided how to distribute the info so far but that will come and about 10-15 runners per week…get in line.


All good so far but then today John liked one for the win and in the 6 horse field I liked it for the place @ $2. It ran 3rd. My other bet missed the place , 5th I think. while my last bet was scratched but I had taken it all up in doubles and trebles with the other two. In this situation the scratched horses is considered a one dollar winner so because all the other selections missed the doubles and trebles involving the scratched horse stood. Goodbye two doubles and a treble or $300 in my case. The tonight, well you know I have trouble typing becuase my eyes don’t coordinate any longer, well yet. I nearly got concussion whne I oipened the fridge door so hard I hit ,my head on the brand new fridge…another dent. I may be having a proble,m. No problem with winning bets so far but I will have to wtach it. On another tack, I just finalisse $26,000 I traded on the stock exchaneg on three stocks. My end proft after four weeks of closely monitoring the mrket has reulted in $1600 in profits, about maybe 5% if I am lucky. How much would you win on the punt in a single day turning over that much?? Well I recok a few hundred a day at least. WEorse still, th stockmarket profit is not recognised as gambling so I have to pay tax on that $1600, not so on the Racing profits, the Governmenet recognises that as a gamble!


Favourites normally win 30% or more of all races . If those runners are in the Winform Top Two then that percentage is between 38% and 40% on most days. Yesterday just 5 out of 31 selections won, although 80% were placed as normal. Just one of those days. Of our Place selections the first one went around at $34 and $10 fixed the place. At the 300 it came to a complete stop, dropped back to the tail of the big field and in the overhead shot you could see it lost ten lengths then made up 7 or 8 lengths in the last 50 metres to finish 7th. Regimen, our Caulfield selection, had never seen a wet track before. That one didn’t like it and finished last, Astoria didn’t stay even though backed into $5.50 and favourite in the last and unplaced and was last but beaten only 4 lengths. A bad starts fot=r those who just signed up in time for Saturday. Then last night I saw the Western Bulldogs lose to the Swans due to two or three simple errors. Ain’t it frustrating when you see players delaying their kick to see what’s there when in defence they just have to get it away from the 50 as far as possible. Still an enjoyable game and they will win many more with the talent that’s there. Last week and this week they played with confidence and followed their instints then later in the game instead of letting it flow they started to think. Not the way to go. So for me, inbetween meetings, I have seen two red and blue teams go down, today Demons fans, it’s time to worry as I will be there!


John Furgal is on a roll this week with 4 from last 4 . We ran 4th with our place bet and have ventured big time today with 4 place bets. One is  $51 shot, still we got one of these home Wednesday so heres hoping. Watched the Knights fall to a massive loss as the Storm finally arrived big time, their score was probably more then their previous five matches yielded. Anyhow, looks like an interesting day, not much for me though as I am away and will get a few bets on early before attending to other matters and then across to Etihaad fro the Bulldogs Swans clash. All info is online , just waiting for WA scratchings and we are done. Might even get brekkie soon if I’m lucky.


John Furgal has been lamenting the fact that he hasn’t been able to get a decent string of winners but he got that yesterday with two out of two. No place bets yesterday but coming off a big win Wednesday so the challenge is on for me today. Melbourne has started with bright sunshine so that’s a start. I have meetings with Crownbet and Vicbet today to look for more ways for our Members to get an edge. So it’s brief but I need time to find a worthwhile go for today. Tonight I am at AAMI to see the Newcastle Knights clobber the Storm (my 2nd favourte team). Good to see Souths with a win over the Feather dusters…oops Roosters. Tomorrow it is the Bulldogs to beat Sydney and then the Demons to continue their climb up the ladder.

Caught at the checkout!

So yesterday I was at the checkout with few things when the customer behind me said “ 12 items?” Well it made me think. Yes I did buy 5 apples, two avocados 2 litres of milk, peas, ham, blueberries and strawberries and yes sausages but I had to buy the two fo4 one offer so at the end of the day, yes a basketful but am I a basket case? I don’t th8nk so.yesterday my place only Bet was $1o fixed so happy with that and I was confident it wouldn’t win, yet almost certain it would place. I am in transit to Melbourne today with meetings to attend with the website team, CrownBet, Rod Cleary and clients and John Furgal on Monday before my return. I expect to experience heat, rain, wind so as many as four seasons on any day as is usual in that loveliest of cities. It is a pity that Ros couldn’t make it as she continues to recuperate from her two knee replacements but progress is being made and Belle and Natalie will be assisting over the weekend as well as the twins who have promised to make less mess while they are there. No time for me to assess a place Bet today but back on the job tomorrow before my first meeting. It’s interesting that as trial subscription numbers rise the dividends aren’t being affected so far.

another good place dividend

Our last four selections have had 2 places @ $6.90 and $5.10 although I took $5 and $3.4 fixed early in the day. Reality is those top dividends were best of 3 totes and middle tote was closer to the prices I took. So $1775 back for $1100 outlay. Good return. We have over 50 and near 60 subscribers getting these so no effect on dividends so far but we are sticking to max bet of $100 whihc gives everyone a go. 100 is probably the maximum we could have. Todays selections are $12 into $9 as n e/w selection and he other is $51 and unwanted in the market due to a short priced improving horse which will probably win or close to it. We’ll be happy to take the $10 place if we get it. Our runner is 3rd from a spell and fresh without looking like a winner but just out of the placings first two runs but close up only not close enough to spark interest. It is scrapes into 3rd that’ll do me. If not well no big deal, nothing ventured nothing gained. The Racing is actually more consistent than the stockmarket these days.