$151 Shot runs 2nd for $300 Quinella

Hi Everyone, a bit of a problem last night.. no daily feature due to server problems BUT the good news is Crack The Code was our top rated runner at Moonee Valley race 7 and Embrace Me 2nd rated at ^6.2 and $7.3 respectively The actual prices available were $6.5 and $31 so what do you think about that. Most punters have brains and if they exercised them they could not mis that opportunity with Embrace Me paying $36.90 best tote. It was a no brainer. Sad to say Ros and I arrived home late last night (in transit all day) and with internet problems I didnt even get to see it.

Today we had server problems again and we weere relieved to find we hadnt been hacked as that would have been a disaster. Anyhow it was all posted excpet for Gold Club, only missed a couple of losing bets.

Anyhow, just s[otted a top rated winner at Eagle Farm $12 into $10 and our run of 2nd with maidens and Best Bets continued unabated today.

So many money back races today its unbelievable but I havent scored any and zero winners as at 2.15 although our Hotshot at Morphettville ran 2nd @ $3.20 a place ( I chose this option rather than save on the first starter favourite.


Good luck today, I hope to see the quaddie in our hands today and the Blue Diamond Quinella. Missed that Quinella (1stand 4th)but Gunnedah race 4 I couldnt believe it. Our top three rated runners were all $151 to win and $26 fixed to Place. I backed them all e/w  PLus I couple them up in the Quinella with the next 5 rated runners (the fav was 6th rated) and I never had a worry except wulda been nice if the top rate $151 runner got the photo, it would have won in the next stride. I juts cpuldnt believe that in a weak country race Moree Dreaming had one dominant win from four starts and rated a $3.10 chance by Winform. Vicbet paid over $300 for the Quinella, hope a few Members got it! Well two legs in the Quaddie but wont pay much if Nature Strip gets up. I think a back marekr will get it.



Fact is I am travelling  a lot of back roads in Tassie and there are lots of blackspots and slow internet. It did not stop me backing our Hotshot yesterday and the $6 and $6.5 I took early yesterday a.m. was a lot better than the $3.60 available by racetime. A good win and paid for some of our expenses.

I still find it hard to believe that when we did our Australian Winform Racing Seminars tour some years ago, that Tasmania had by far the fewest number of attendees and the Launceston one was easily the worst attended. Yet some of our most ardent punters are living here in the North and Northwest.

And Rosebery..See You have not been left out. I recall twenty years ago you could buy a three bedroom house in Rosebery for $20,000, closer to $200,000 these days, and even in the last two years , prices across Tassie have moved up. You can’t lose with property if you hold it for long enough.

The stockmarket goes up and down like a yo yo and even this week I have seen mt portfolio swing by as much as 20% just on the movemnet of two or three financialstocks.. Those stocks are still as financial and profitable on Thursday as they were on Monday yet the price variation , based entirely on rumours and electronic nonsense, had to be seen to be believed. Take Afterpay. A drop of 20% was caused by the sale of 1 single share at that ridiculous price but the market reacted.

It reminds of the day I was at Port Macquarie and there were four bookmakers. Three had my selection at odds on, around $1.90. I approached the fourth bookmaker and took $100 at even money. He then turned his price down to $1.50 and WITHOUT taking a single bet the other three turned their prices down to $1.50 too. Action and reaction. The runner bolted in by the way but that’s not the point.

I am in transit most of today so once I reach the office this evening, that;s when I expect to fill all the orders placed while I was away. Good luck, plenty of day AND night meetings to keep you going.

I’m glad for the many Members who watch this space. MOst of the callers Ive had this week used the office number but when it went to message I got  a first name, or a name and no phone number and so on. Makes it hard to call back. And yes, it can be hard to hear even though I know most of my clients by their voice but I do have many many Members whose name is John, Trevor , Andy and so on.. HAVE A GREATDAY! BlueDiamond tomorrow and I don’t have a standout like most years.


We know that many members treat a day like yesterday, only two meetings, as a day off to refresh for the week and indeed, I think it might have been last week or the week before when Monday found almost zero winners for the day. Yesterday was different with the winners all over the place and not only that, some very big priced winners from Winform as well like $25 for Amelias method.

Of course we cant see this in isolation. We have an almost faultless record for  High Strikers Last Minute Mail this year to date with just one black day. Most other days have produced a good profit early on and the Specials have done well with one spectacular winning day and one day without a winner in sight.

Saturday we had winners paying total dividends of $5000 for $100 outlays. That’s not profit of course which would have been about 20% or more of that total. Point is, the HSLMM is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Producing the selections for people who just want a couple of selections a race each Saturday for Sydney and Melbourne and we dont bet if the track is worse than soft 5. It just makes sense.

Only two meetings today but good tracks. No Hotshots, one out of one yesterday but favourite, still thats as much as 100% profit if you got on early.


We are not having an unusual run of winners, in fact only 25% so far this month but the prices are very good. We even had a run of 13 losers this month but losing runs of that magnitude and more are common. It doesn’t matter what you bet, even favourites, our research has shown, can have losing runs of up to 30+ most months at some stage.

What matters most is the bottom line and the bottom line is in front, especially if you can get Best Of The Best. We’ve noticed that more of our selections firm than ease and thats because most of the time we are on horses which connections will follow.

Yesterday we had some good results for our Autumn Package subscribers. Two single specials for one winner @ $4. Flemington Race 7 we recommended tht exotics and got the Quinella $67 and Exacta. We mentioned O’Tauto was fav in an aopen race and some members added it to our selections for a First 4 booty of $8800, and the Trifecta of course. Race 8 we recomended In Her Time (won $5 top fluc) and Sunlight as the only two chances. Overall a good winning day.

As an aside. I had a small odd balance in an account so I had $3 each way Winx just to be on it. Get this. My bet was referred to a supervisor. All my bets are by the way with most agencies but it highlights that it applies to ALL bets not just my usual $200 to $500 ones. Some good standard races today and by the way Spenthrift Park is actually Werribee.


Everythings there for subscribers. The Autumn Preview was ready at 8.15 a.m. today Highstrikers Last Minute Mail not long after. Ratings etc take longer due to Qld being behind but all there by 9 and Winform Daily Mail and Hotshots loaded by 9.20 a.m. almost a record.

Yesterday our first two Hotshots won at $8 and $3.40 and our Winforn Daily Feature selected Hunamosa at $26Best Of The Best vicbet.com.

Good luck today. Please note Tomorrow Sunday, we hope to have most stuff except Qld and WA uploaded by 9 a.m. but Daily Mail, Daily Feature etc may be delayed subject to internet access as we have been having problems locally.


Well firstly we are excited with the win at $21.90. Winx won’t be anything like that but with Waller having six of the 8 runners in the Star Apollo he is obliged under the rules of racing to instruct his riders to do everything they can to beat her. In fact the other two trainers will have been planning for this race with that very aim  while acknowledging that is not a very likely scenario, admitting that they are racing for second prizemoney. If we are fair dinkum we know some of Wallers runners have no chance of even running  a place in the 8 horse field but that’s not the issue. After what alledgedly went on in the Weir stable we expect that Stewards should be more vigilant than ever and maybe someone, Racing NSW for example, should come up with a solution to the issue by possibly restricting how much of a field can be under the guidance of a single trainer? It’s essential for the integrity and image of Racing to avoid issues , not to make them.

We take no issue with Chris Waller whatsoever, in fact we have a horse trained by him. Heres the video https://youtu.be/cGv-StyeR6Y


Yes we’ve struck a mean streak and it seems it wouldn’t have mattered which race I chose yesterday, no was the answer. Overall we maintain about 60% results with these but in the past week it is down to about 30%. I’m relying on David to put up a winning Feature today like last weeks when we gladly copped a $9 winner.

The Good news today is that we have identified a winning strategy which is difficult to implement but which shows great promise. It revolves around our Winform top two selections when they are first or second favourite. Overall the strategy finds 35% winners with just 1.2 runners per race so most  of the time only one runner is involved. This should provide a good run for MOney Factory users.

For those who don’t have the time to monitor the races in real time, a Bot using Betfair is the option. In other words , set it up so that it only backs the runners if first or 2nd in the market say 30 seconds before the jump. Do this on a fixed bet with rules to say “quit when in front for the day” . There wont be many losing days.

We found track to soft 5, 7 to 14 runners, up to 1400 metres (practically you will run to 1450 to cover tracks where they  adjust the barriers for various reasons such as to cut out wear and tear on sections of track). And we use age 3 to 6. Now 3yos make a small loss but this is offset by the older runners making a profit. The difference is that 3yos win more races while the older horses bring in a better dividend. Something to look out for our Winform Ratings subscribers.

The Bot advertised on our website has a free trial available if you want to get a look. It includes access to all manner of staking plans which you can align with your selections to automate the whole process.



Yes, we thought we had it made yesterday $101 to win and $12 to run 2nd or 3rd and we were right! Our selection ran a great race finishing 4th. Well that doesn’t pay but it franked our thoughts. The last three feature races have drawn a blank but of all the races we could choose at Caulfield for our feature we found one that was a total miss, same yesterday. Today we coudn’t find anything at all although we do have  a Best Bet. The last couple of those have run a place only.

Our Highstrikers Last Minuet Mail subscribers might have been a bit miffed because we only provided Caulfield, well we dont bet on worse than soft 5 so it seemed pointless adding the Farm with a Heavy track. The end result was a big winning day for the specials with two out of two.

HOTSHOTS had Haluchi Friday night @ $5.40 and Sir Snugalot yesterday $6.10, it is so important to get some better priced winners and to be honest it is the shorter priced ones that have let us down recently. Good luck for today, I mgiht go sailing, the first races aren’t until well after 1




https://youtu.be/jrbwom0KH28 View the new video for the action with Winform Ratings last month just backing those runners that were favourite or second favourite. .  It was a winning strtagey as it is most months, the more runs we get on Good tracks the better the results and January is usually mostly good tracks so a great time to bet. Tomorrow lots of Group races at Caulfeild and Warwick Farm and the rain may have stayed away, we hope, just enough to settle the dust would be nice. Dont forget, you can go tothe online store and get the Autumn Package now for $295 A MONTH. And yes two weeks in we have got both our single selections home.


A nice $9 winner from David again yesterday. It took him until about 1.30 to decide which race would likely provide the best value results for the day and so it was. Good to see such a nice winner. A very good profit . Nit bad afor a dollar a day investment (Winform Best Bets and Daily Feature is just $363 a year, less than a dollar a day and for $495 a year or $143 a quarter or $44 a month, you also get the top two HR2D runners in every race every day. Great value.