Highstrikers Last Minute Mail had a very good day, plenty of winners AND two otu of two for the HR2D Specials and the Villiers winner. The BOlter had just one selection for  a loss but still a very big year in 2018. The Hotshots, which had been unlucky for the month to date really took off with an $8.80 winner yesterday and good results Saturday with The Odyssey (I got $8.50) and Ice One ($3.80). Our Best Bet won yesterday and it was also a Hot Shot. Vicbet paid $2.25 on what ended up $1.90. All up I’m several thousand up for the weekend on small overall outlay. John Furgals SMS service scored three out of four over the weekend including $5 and $8 winners. The new Hotshots and Bolters SMS and email service was also in full flight.  Just by the way , if you’re reading this on the home page remember to click “read more” as this formats the info which is helpful when we put in tables of results etc. I popped up a short video on YouTube of yesterdays storm which reminded me of those old North Sea shots in World War 2 movies with the battleships heading towards Scapa Flow. Anyhow, a good weekend and today Ros and I are off for Physio and we are discussing a great new promotion with Vicbet which continues to draw praise from our regular punting members, especially our retired Members who need every extra cent they can get, although with what must be close to 65% t 70% strike rate with our Daily Feature Races, they don’t have too much to worry about, just hope I havent put the “mocka” om myself or David woth our choices this week.


We are operating with extremely poor internet in NSW as at Friday.  Service was restored overnight but the network is slow. We’ll do the best we can. Personally, Sportsbet, which has actually won over $20 grand from me this year, has now restricted me to fixed price only and I am no longer able to place fixed price place bets, well I did do well with these over the year. Funny thing. Bet 365 and BetEasy is where I have won most of my profit this year but I am unrestricted there and Ubet which is owned by Tabcorp but Victab, also owned by Tabcorp won’t take fixed price bets from me without reference to a supervisor which is simply  a delaying tactic so my bets either dont get on or get reduced to an unprofitable point. Back to work on what is a slow connection as every man and his dog try to get up to speed. WE POSTED BY 10ISH AND AFTER WA SCRACHINGS SHOULD BE FINALISED BY 11.30. WE DON’T EXPECT MANY ADJUSTMENTS. Good luck today.


Woodmans Keep has never missed a place at this distance PLUS a serious jockey upgrade to a top Perth Metro jockey in Peter Knuckey culd make the dofference and @ $17 curentkly is a great each way prospect. Raging favorite Abu Dhabi has only 3 wins  in 31 starts but resumes here after a career in Adelaide, so stronger company than provincial WA. Whether he can win first up over the 1400 for his new trainer remains to be seen but it qualifies as a C Plan race and the horse did win a trial by nearly 6lengths here last week.

Ducth the top two, maybe back Woodmans Keep for a place @ $3.50 at present.

 6:20 Geraldton Race 3 13Dec18 1400m BM70 3YO+  HCP $15000 Good 4
No     Form Horse              Wodds Wnet TCDWHB
10 X6x71998 Woodmans Keep        4.1 32.4 TcDW   WIN DIVIDEND $32.40 PLACE $4.80 QUINELLA $48.80 EXACTA $167.70
 5 -043-35X Abu Dhabi            5.9 30.0   dW B SECOND @$2.80
2 4120X869 Vital Power          6.2 29.8 TCDw
1 521X9452 Paris Of Troy        7.3 28.6 TcDW
3 X79-4X29 Black Dynamite       9.7 26.7 t DW

I spend the most time each day looking for the best likely outcome on the day. With wet tracks likely yesterday I stuck to the Good track at Geraldton and the Benchmark 70 was about the best class race on the day anyway. Ive had too many emails and texts back to publish them but Peter from Melbourne, an otherwise bereaved Demons supporter, got some cheer back with the Exacta 4 times, a return of around $700.

Will I score again today? I hope so. If we don’t it wont be for the lack of trying. Our new subscribers this week should have got their annual investment back in full in just their first week. Have a good day today.


So more bad luck for our Gold Club horses with our one mare needing a throat operation so bye bye $500k unless it comes good. Just lucky we don’t have a massive share. In the meantime we did receive a very nice return from our first indulgence when of our first three horses we got three wins and $300k approx in prizemoney. Covered most of our costs and enjoyed some good racing for our Gold Club members. Today we are expecting bad weather across the Eastern States so be wary. The track conditions we post are as they are NOW so if deteriation is more than 1 or even if it goes to heavy that eliminates  a lot of selections. In other ba luck news we had a runner unable to get a run on a Good track at Rosehill last Saturday and is entered for Canberra Sunday but there is huge rain which may still have an effect on the track  even four days from now. The horse just does not handle it. In the meantime two days ago we missed the Daily Feature with two of our selections scratched and yesterday a protest cost us the winner, although a box would have snared the Quinella Trifecta and First 4, none of which paid enough to cover much. That’s what we get from boasting about how well it was going. Have a good day anyway, oh and yesterday I was on a yacht, Maserati. Last week we starts 17th and finished 4th, this week we started second last and only beat three home. We had a very nice lady on crew and interestingly all four of us had served in the armed services, I was an Army reservist in the 60’s. My father served in WW2 and his father in WW1. Yep, that’s what we do  when it looks like a dud day, reminisce! Just a reminder, we currently have a 50% off book sale at the online store. Just order as usual and we deduct the 50% from all orders at this end.


Yesterdays $6.5 winner when we rcommended the top two was a great result and we did nail the Quinella but at $13.50 no big deal. The Trifecta was a miss with an 8yo spoiling the party. It was on the back of some great Daily Feature Race results. Personally I spent a great deal of time looking at three races before deciding on the winning one. Bottom line. We would have won no matter which race I chose. With our Horse Racing Today top two costing just $44 a month or $495 for the year and including our Daily Feature Race PLUS the daily Winform Best Bets PLUS the Weekend Feature race which has resulted in sometimes massive winners Quinellas Trifectas and even First Fours , it is the best punting value in history. Are ypu gping to win backing every single one of the HR2D Top Two? No, of course not, but it does produce the winner in 44% of all Australian gallops races covered by the TAB. That’s a huge head start! All up HR2D Top Two covers the lot for less than $1.50 per day! Magic!


One from 3 for the Specials, we needed it after last week but the results themselves , brilliant. There were some very good prices including The Answer My Friend @ $10. After losing the first race of the day the bank was never in trouble as winner aftre winner arrived and at good prices. 44% strike rate was spot on normal . We found the Pakenham Cup winner with our third rated Winform runner at a very good price. Early in the day it looked like we could only back the top two runners in a ducthbet but with the favourite blowing like a gale, you would have doubled your money dutching the top three. At Ascot we trifected the Kingston Town in correct order, not that it paid much, oh well, and a new start Arcadia Queen is born. Today we have The Werribee Cup and expect to be on the winner and probably the Quinella. Good luck everyone.


I had to decide what race to make the Daily Feature last night . I looked at Moonee Valley race 8 and race 6. I chose race 6 where we did find the winner in our top 5 but no Quinella and that was the recommendation. In Race 8, our Pre,ium selection ran 3rd but that was enough to get us the Quinella and Trifecta at $156/20 for the Quinella and $731 for the Trifecta. In Race 6, what I feared might happen did happen and that was a fast first 600 with Bolek leading (and getting run over) and Rox The Castle clearing out after running 2nd to the turn. As I said “watch the market” and with Rox The Castle firming immediately bettting opened it was obvious it was the one. Today we had plans for a run with our Gold Club horse at Rosehill but it all came apart when we failed to get a run . He was top rated by Winform. Everyhting else was on target with a soft barrier draw and the preferred Good track and the right distance. Back to the drawing board. Have a good day today and yes, there was no E News this week. You should think about suggesting to your “other” the holidays might prove a valuable time to read some of our punting books. This is the last week for guaranteed delivery of hard copy books but the Ebook Pass @ $295 gives you the lot.

SO HOW DID WE GO? Hotshots 2 from 4 yesterday. Daily Feature won.

Tuesday we posted our two meetings and if you clicked the read more at the bottom of the home page you would have seen the format okay. I believe we found 7 winners from the 16 races which is right on normal although the range of prices may have been slightly below expectations but on a very small sample that is just how it is. In our previous concept we gave no allowance for the win strike of selections as we included maidens we only used place % ranking. It does mean that all runners in maidens should get the same rating as before. In 2017 the race strike rate was 45% and av div $3.94 and this year 44% and $3.92 so effectively the same. The strike rate of favourites was 37% exactly in both years. Compared to favourites generally that manes we are 4% ahead of the game and all we have to do is watch the market and if we strike as soon as the runner firms, we will make a level stakes profit as the vast majority of favourites either firm from this point or stay the same. Our data base only looks at the final figure. That diference on our studies means an extra $25 per $9.25 per 100 selections on one dollar outlays per selection. And the charts are clear. Second favourites lose 7.5% on turnover and as the starting prices of the selections get longer the losses per selection get higher. So what would you choose? The favourite when in the HR2D top two or the longer priced one? That,s not to say the non favourites are hopeless, they still produced 50% of the winners  but simply put, we can be extremely confident of getting the winner in the Top Two if one of our selections is the favourite, in fact our strike rate in those races is better than 50%. Todays highlighted book is Winning With Favourites and for all new subscribers to HR2D Top Two received today you will get this book for no extra charge.


Okay, its all done by 8.30, that’s because there are no daylight saving delayed scratchings etc so it should be a good day, however with only two meetings you can have a brilliant day or a very poor one. It would be nothing to have a losing run of 18 races so in theory, you could get no winners at all on a day. Food for thought?

Here are the HR2D Top Two for today. I want to see if the format comes out right but for you, if it does you will have pressed the read more button at the bottom of the article on the front page.

The way to win with these is to back any that are favourite to get the best strike rate, about 10% better than favourites in general so expect at least 36% and 70% placed. But only if faVOURITE. Let;s hope for a good day. It only costs you $44 a month or $22 a fortnight, easy for your budget.

4/12/2018 1:20: Scone 1 1 Exilia Miss HR2D
4/12/2018 1:20: Scone 1 2 Rage Against HR2D
4/12/2018 1:30: Hamilton 1 2 Caribbean Wonder HR2D
4/12/2018 1:30: Hamilton 1 11 Mandayana HR2D
4/12/2018 1:55: Scone 2 2 Stella Sea Sun HR2D
4/12/2018 1:55: Scone 2 7 Philadora HR2D
4/12/2018 2:00: Hamilton 2 1 Anythings Possible HR2D
4/12/2018 2:00: Hamilton 2 10 Rosebank HR2D
4/12/2018 2:30: Hamilton 3 1 Coronel HR2D
4/12/2018 2:30: Hamilton 3 2 Havashout HR2D
4/12/2018 2:35: Scone 3 1 Fort Jackson HR2D
4/12/2018 3:00: Hamilton 4 1 Chortomic HR2D
4/12/2018 3:00: Hamilton 4 6 Westham HR2D
4/12/2018 3:10: Scone 4 3 Meraki Miss HR2D
4/12/2018 3:10: Scone 4 7 Washington George HR2D
4/12/2018 3:30: Hamilton 5 3 Von Mystic HR2D
4/12/2018 3:30: Hamilton 5 5 King Tycoon HR2D
4/12/2018 3:45: Scone 5 3 Grand Acheeva HR2D
4/12/2018 3:45: Scone 5 7 East Esplanade HR2D
4/12/2018 4:00: Hamilton 6 2 Dame Vassa HR2D
4/12/2018 4:00: Hamilton 6 5 Teatro HR2D
4/12/2018 4:20: Scone 6 1 Moobi HR2D
4/12/2018 4:20: Scone 6 6 Power Of Wexford HR2D
4/12/2018 4:30: Hamilton 7 1 Deck Of Cards HR2D
4/12/2018 4:30: Hamilton 7 2 Danigree HR2D
4/12/2018 4:55: Scone 7 9 Vineyard HR2D
4/12/2018 4:55: Scone 7 11 Miss Redoble HR2D
4/12/2018 5:00: Hamilton 8 8 Bunumburt HR2D
4/12/2018 5:00: Hamilton 8 9 Gin Atomic HR2D
4/12/2018 5:35: Scone 8 1 Schappose HR2D
4/12/2018 5:35: Scone 8 3 Through The Cracks HR2D


The first time people call to ask about Winform Ratings or selections one of the first things they tell me when I ask them about their punting is “I know the best races to bet in and I know the worst. I never back maidens and I stick to the city and the best horses.”  Well I tell them back “we find that maidens are probably the easiest races to win, in fact our strike rate in maidens is our best strike rate and that’s where the value is. And as for the city, well that’s where the competititon is hardest and so winners are actually harder to find, especially good winners.”

So looking back at yesterday we had a massive set of selections in maiden races across the country, ten in all and you think “well it will be hard to crack a win today” but guess what? Seven of the ten selections won! That’s a great result in anybody’s language.

We did find the winner of the Winterbottom but Viddora so stiffled the betting, and you had to cover it, there was no opportunity on a win level. Voodoo Lad was always going to be in it but we missed the Quinella, our only play in the end.

On our Winform Daily Mail we covered 16 races and found the winner in 11 of those with 10 Quinellas and 7 Trifectas and 3 First 4’s but it wasn’t profitable with several Quinellas and Trifectas failing to cover the outlay. That happens but it is unusual for it to happen all on one day.

And guess what? It’s on again today.