Splintex ($7.9) put our Highstrikers into a good profit on the second betting race of the day. It was also the only HR2D Special to win form 6 selections yet here is close to two units profit and who wouldnt be happy with that? But there were more nice wins along the way. Doomben was our substitute meeting for Caulfield where the track was soft 6 and so out of our range for the best results. In the end Caulfield found 3 winning races from 9, not too bad considering our long term average is 4. There were 8 winning races from the 18 at Doomben and Rosehill so right on average @ 44% although the av dividend of $3.63 was below our long term average of $4 plus.

Can’t complain. Have a good day today, plenty of action and our Hotshots which have been below par except for a $60 winner in May, have still maintained their 56% place average right throughout the year to date. Today we have seven of them and I have my fingers crossed!


If you select the YouTube channel in the panel on the home page you’ll see my early assessment of 5 of the major races at Doomben tomorrow. On our ratings site you will already see todays races updated for scratchings and track conditions and also Sundays races are posted for those who like to get in and analyse things early. Of course Saturdays races have been loaded since yesterday and the Metro races were posted wednesday night.

It’s a great service isnt it? You know no other service finds consistent winners intheir top two rated runners @ $5.50 average win price. Yess with hundreds of race a week and  a 33% race strike rate ( unchanged since the mid 90’s) it’s amazing that my own Winform ratings which started with an idea of mine in the late 60’s , are still making profits for our regular Winform Ratings subscribers.

No reward without effort though. Our best subscribers spend time watching the markets, using our staking software and generally reassessing things as things change during the day.

Do we get better results from younger horses, on pace runners, better barrier draws etc.? Probabaly, but does that produce better prices? Usually not. What we find are better priced winners which often look disadvantaged by weight barrier draw, unplace runs last start and so on. No reward without risk and even in spite of our great record we still find it hard to nail a winner form just a single selected race each day. Yes it isin our top 5 60% or more of the time but is it a winning Quinella or Trifecta that makes our money. or a dutch bet on the top two or three? Often the circumstances change between when we make our choices and when the race runs and it is really up to you to decide of the recommendation is still the righ t way to go.

We know that everyone prefers to simply put their money on and collect later, wouldnt it be great to do this everyday? The reality is that the odds continually move so great to get 45% winners, but thats provided we get $2 .30 or better as our average price.

Can we accept long losing streaks? Yes? Well a 10% winning strike rate at average $11 plus is a good stratgey if you have the Bank to survive the bad runs. Cheers for now. Enjoy the video.

Another hit for Garry?


We have quite a few subscribers that quit when they hit the front so they might want to make $20 a day, $50 a day $100 a day and so on. Personally I am happy with $500 a day but that’s me. I don’t get any enjoyment out of betting small money  unless its a multi paying $1,000 or more. Point is, today those targets big and small have all been met and its only two o’clock. I would have quit after the race one winner @ $3.00 and even if I didn’t there were two winners in the first three races won.

Further to that our Gold Club subscribers got three winners in a row.

And Graham has just sent me a testimonial regarding HR2D. You can view it later today. ALSO  my son Mat is on the Channel 7 morning show tomorrow betweeb 6 and 7 am in Tasmania. They will be showing his timber work during their weather report. Yestrday they had 2 meters of snow in the street so that will be interesting. They are in Waratah in Tasmania which is near Cradle Mountain.


Winform subscribers can see Saturday fields for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide right now Wednesday after lunch. That gives plenty of time to start doing your own analysis.

We’re still a little jet lagged here but getting there.

Good luck as the Brisbane Carnival heads into the last couple of weeks.

Another hit for Garry?



Hi Everyone, first day back and I am having trouble getting the file for the Ballarat Synthetic track which stared while I was away. My computers is telling me its never herd of it. We have also had some members unable to log in over the month, probably because their subscriptions were out of date, however we made sure noone missed out and I will add that to the list of everything else I have to do this week.

Our Gold Club runners have done well in the last couple of weeks and we have two of our runners back in work as well so some good interest in the next few weeks.

For now I have uplaoded the Dubbo and Taree meetngs but will do a further update before the first to include Ballarat and any selections that occur there.

Cheeers for now, gotta get onto it.




There wasn’t much excitement in the Winform ratings yesterday.   The usual consistent scoring of quinella’s/exactas and trifectas amongst them but no BIG dividends unfortunately.   The Bostonian proved that last week’s win was no fluke by getting up again at good odds and winning convincingly.   Watching the race i thought he had it won coming to the turn, but hey, it is easier AFTER the event.   We can all vouch for that.   Garry would be winging his way home now and will no doubt express what most of us express when we get back…’s great to be home.

The weather at the moment-how fantastic is it?   We are almost in winter and the temperature is mid 20’s in most places along the eastern seaboard.   I’m about to duck up to the local Bunnings store and get some maintenance stuff.   I got what i thought i needed yesterday but skimped on the amount required, hoping to get it done with the minimum.   Obviously not a good handyman, now I have to make another special trip to get what i should have bought yesterday.    What i have to buy now will be more than i need so i’ll be stuck with it or have to bin it………….waste, waste, waste!

I have lots of bets lined up today, trusting the punting gods will shine.   I’ve taken four of the first five of them in a Yankee as well as backing them individually.   The other bet i’ve backed for the place.    Then we’ll look at what happens after they (win?).

Good Luck all


Garry bucked the Jinx tag

The Knights won again, very impressively…………….DESPITE Garry having a bet on them.    Garry sent me an email and to test out his ‘mock’ ability he asked me to put a bet on the Knights for him.    Never looked like getting beat!    The Daily Feature race produced another placegetter, so with the recommended stake, a small profit could have been had.    I’ve turned the corner with 7/12 winners and all but one running the place with one suite of my GTX systems selections and 4/6 from my other suite of selections.    I didn’t bet them all unfortunately but enough to show a good profit for the day.   A couple were selected in both sets but i only bet them once though.    The Swans are in a tight struggle with Collingwood and in the 4th quarter have a 9 point lead as i write this….they need to keep winning.   We shall see.   Garry should be getting ready to be on his way back home now

I mentioned yesterday that the Daily feature race selections were just slender pickings for a few days then we got a small result.   Well, our DF tipster got it right yesterday for his efforts.   The suggestion was to back the two top rated horses for potentially a small profit.   The winner was one of the 2 selections and paid $3+.   The Quin/Exacta/Tri were also in the top five had you stood out the 2 picks from the rest you would, of course, got a little more.   Today the feature race is at Canterbury, race 6; the suggestion is dutch the top 2 rated and save on another runner….we wait and see.     I also notice today already that John Furgal is 2 from 2 with one runner late in Pinjarra to come.    People mention swings and roundabouts from time to time when considering different parts of our daily lives.   You will recall I mentioned having a brain snap the other day, backing the wrong horse, and luckily collecting.   Well, today, brain snap #2 for the week, same issue, backed the wrong horse, different result—-LOST!   Swings and Roundabouts.    I am struggling to understand how i can place a bet on the wrong runner, not once, but twice…………..I am 3 from 4 today so perhaps i shouldn’t complain; the bet I lost shouldn’t have been a bet, as my selection was a scratching, should have been 3 from 3.

Good luck peoples


Late update.   John Furgal 3 from 3; Daily Feature race top 2 quinella’d race so another small incremental profit.

An update

Not much of an update i’m afraid.   The daily feature race is having a little bit of a lean trot at the moment and ran 2nd again today.   To be fair, the bet suggestion was 1 unit win, 3 units place.  If you’d stuck to the suggested bet you would have made a small profit.   I made an error placing a bet today, put it on the wrong neddy.   Good news for me, it won…………..I won’t be giving the corporate the money back.   On the health side, thanks for asking, my toothache has gone dormant and I have relief from the nagging ache.    Only to be replaced with a head cold!   I’ve had the flu shot, but to no avail.   My nose has been running faster than some of the horses I bet and if I was a racehorse with this same cough, i would have been euthanased, I’m sure.   I’m also confident it’s sinus related, which then suggests that the tooth ache was somehow connected as well.   Grrrrrrrrrrrr it’s terrific getting older.   Garry would be ecstatic with the Knights performance over the weekend against the ‘fireless’ Dragons.   Garry is due back at the end of the month so that’s when the slide will happen.    What a debacle for St George after such a promising start.   The Tigers couldn’t quite see it out against the Storm, but were the better team overall imo.   The Storm didn’t play well to be fair to them.

Sydney FC won a lacklustre A-League final on penalties and I feel for ‘Popa’.   Good man, Tony Popovic; met him with the rest of the Socceroos when they took on England at Upton Park (few years back now) and beat them 3-1. Tony scored the opening goal from a headed corner.   That was a great tour for me, meeting and, spending time with the Socceroos.

The Sydney Swans won another cliffhanger, but they are faced with a massive challenge to make the season a successful one.


Double Whammy

I can’t make up my mind whether a tooth ache is worse than backing losers.   Both things are painful.

I had root canal therapy many eons ago following a tooth abscess.   It has flared again and one thing is for sure when it happened, I didn’t feel like I wanted to study the form.   Then I got the bill shock after the first treatment.   Now I need to back some winners to replace the money I used to fund the dentist’s next 2 overseas holidays.

As it turned out yesterday, Winform and GTX provided me with several winners, but due to “therapy” (why do they reckon a visit to the dentist to have your mouth yanked, twisted, gouged, sucked out should warrant the word therapy?), i missed the early ones, got on a couple late, but fell short when W Pike failed to get State Attorney to the line first.    Pike rides many winners as you all would know, but I can’t catch him.   He has let me down on so many occasions that i’m seriously considering excluding his rides from my selection process.    His rides are usually short priced/overbet anyway, so no great loss taking him out.

Garry reckons he might do the Knights a big favour and stay overseas longer.   The Knights have not lost a game since he left.    I’ll ring Nathan Brown up and see what he thinks; not sure if Nathan is a superstitious type or not but if he is he would probably ask that Garry stay away until October.

Go the Tigers tonight