So punters often put more money on selections that have been selectd multiple times as they assume this makes those runners a better bet. Mostly it doesn’t. Well it does but not to the effect of backing the selection multiple times. For example. Yesterday we had 5 selections that were chosen multiple times. none of these selection processes have a strike rate less than 30% and mostly 40% plus. Altogether 5 runners selected 17 times so 17 bets. The result just one win at $1.50 selected 4 times so $6 back from 17 out. One selection which came up 5 times didnt even place. IT’s a sobering lesson is it not? Sure you can probabaly be more confident but only end up with more on if they are in separate plans on different staking plans so for example, if it was  Premium and you are running a staking plan just for Premiums, yes you would back it according to that plan and where the staking was up to. Ans so on and yes you could end up on that selection several times if you are following all those plans. That’s a different process.


Apart from the fact that our Daily Feature failed 100% and Our Weekend Feature resulted in our two selections running 2nd an 4th,  there were C Plan winners and some good Powerplay results Plus our Best Bet won , and by the way initially we did not have a Best Bet but after scratchings in Perth it brought Beat The Devil, which was a  Premium selection as well , into play as a Best Bet. It won the last race of the night at $3.00. Nice price for a best bet. Our Highstrikers was in front from the start so if you quit at a profit it was okay. Our Specials for HIghstrikers subscribers found 3 winners from six selections. Our Premiums did well with 2 from 4 but Hotshots had two selections fro two places while the Maidens had 4 from 6 and only one unplaced. I soon found myself with enough profit to guarantee a win for the day and left it at that but could have picked up more but after 3 hours there was no need. Instead we had dinner with the grandkids before watching the Perth Cup which , it turned out, resulted on a 2nd place only. Good luck on what is a cooler day today after 43 yesterday.


Hi all, after Perth scratchings we have had a slight change to the rated prices PLUS our selection in the last at Ascot is now a Best Bet, our only one for the day. ur daily feature race looks like another winner today, we have had a good week even though we did not get all the Quinellas etc. that we wanted. We will land the big ones but we wont know which day that will be.  Hopefully our Daily Feature today will yield a nice result from our each way bet and Quinella strategy. Have a great day, here in Manno we expect a late change which will drop us from 40 to 24 degrees. We hope.


Once again we missed the exotics but the $5.40 winner was welcome, especially as we only backed two runners. The profit was welcome. Today we have to wait until  a late race at Cranbourne but it will be worth it as our two suggested runners are at fair prices in another open market. Our Best Bet is in a later  race as well so I have placed my bets already with Rod Clearys vicbet.com at Best Of The Best. With the latest round of geofencing (the Racing now takes a percentage of losign bets from the corporates) life is about to get harder for all punters. And Neds has been officially taken over by Ladbrokes. In just one year Neds took just under a billion dollars worth of bets. The “good news” is that most of their punters were considered to be the recreational kind, that is, dead set losers. I believe the selling price was $69 million, not bad for a startup. LOts of good track racing today so enjoy what you can. There have been a few regulars drop out over Christmas as happens this time of the year but they come back in February in time for the AutumnCarnival.


I was disappointed with the prices available on our Perth Cup picks but we may yet see a surprise. More tomorrow. By the way, we updated for Canterbury and Esperance scratchings about midday.


Hopefully the Daily Feature will make our day, already the Best Bet has won @ $2.60 and to be honest I am very happy with that price. It drifted badly in the market. Race 7 at Townsville isn’t until after 6 so a bit of waiting to go. In Townsville Race 2 4 Hologram is our top rated runner and fav but 12 Sttradify is 2nd rated and $126 the win and $21 fixed the place. Who knows, maybe a quinella. We’ll see but dot hold your breath. The E-News is on the way with the Perth Cup preview https://youtu.be/lup7vAEDGZg 

Good luck for the rest of the day.


Happy to say we found a winner agin $4 in the morning. Off to a meeting now thrn hr=eaded back home. Tomorrow it willbe time to assess the form for the Perth Cup and ur first Winform Enews of the year.w


I say that because we were never going to lose but it was never going to be value. The winner, our top rated runner, was only $2.20 and the runners up $5 and $3 with Tarquin our possible longshot 4th @ $15. I arrived in Melbourne in time to view the race although I had no internet to do much about it. It was a clearcut result. Anyhow I did take the time to view the Melbourne New Year welcome but we didn’t suspect that we were standing 100 metres away from the launching pad, ground Zero so to speak. It was deafening but beautiful.

Back home , I had pulled my sail down and put it away, simply to keep it away from the 40 degree heat we have been experiencing. Newcastles New Year turned out to be lightning bolts from the heavens with all New Year functions cancelled because of the risk to public safety.

Anyhow, I just await scratchings as the day dawns, slightly overcast in Melbourne but no rain, it’s all very civilised with the CBD to swing into action at 11 to close at 7 tonight. Personally I’ll be spending the day with meetings and another in the a.m. before heading home tomorrow arvo.

So lets start the New Year off with a win. I’ll have a serious look at Flemington, the oonly serious Metropolitan race meeting of the day, Randwick is the inner track, and a couple fo black type races to assess.


Yes, barring what could happen today, we had a brilliant win in the Daily Feature yesterday. The $10 winner and Quinella $40+ and Exacta, well lets just say it was a nice win. I didn’t mind the $1500 collect myself. We’ll  do the best we can today and all info is up by 10 today as I head to Melbourne to meet our supporters and David who regularly attends to the site on Wednesdays and whenever we have other commitments. His Daily Feature strike rate is quite strong, around 70%.


Other than that  the office will obvioulsy closed til our return for Thursday when I will be updating our YouTube channel with 2019 Strategies .HAPPY NEW YEAR TIL THEN!


Our Winform select tracks program had a good day.

>> Totals >>> 78 bets 15wins  For a $100 bet  7800 8910 $1110 19 14.2 profit on turnover and Powerbet…Wow!

Our HR2D had a great day. The specials were lousy BUT 50% winning races and the Highstrikers Last MinuteMail had 10 wins from the 18 races.

We had a Gold Club selection in Doomben race 8. It ran 3rd at a great each way price but the top rated runner in that race won and paid $44. We missed the Quinella. It would have been massive for us but the 8yo stayer Honey Toast got between us, another near thing for us.

Plenty of action Sunday but I can’t finsih without mentioning the amzing performace of John Furgals SMS service. As we often say Summer is peak time for Johns selections and he excelled this week with over 50% winners inclduing an $8.50 shot and yesterday 4 from 6. Hotshots only managed 4 from 8 but a profit at least and a winning year.

So why the Petr Moody book? Well yesterday I had a brief sail inbetween selections and wouldnt you know it… Ilost my souvenire Moody Racing hat!


The focus is on Doomben today with Listed and Group races. That doesn’t mean we have to be involved, I wish we missed the Daily Feature yesterday. The winner was in our group but no Quinella or Trifecta, our Gold Club runner might have been only beaten 2.7 lengths yesterday but his performance was so lacking in enthusiasm he is going to have a four week break, after which we’ll probably run into wet tracks again and miss out before giving up. He’d probably kill em in North Queensland but oh well. Have a good day today as we limp into New Year. We are on one of our worst ever bad runs for Hotshots with zero winners this week. But it happens, three more days to get it right. One of our selections was very heavily backed from $17 into $6 in the am before failing to light the fuse. Bugga!