Harlem won for the second year in a row and our Member Mick gets two amazing long shot successes although this year we didnt have him on top but he rated equal with our top pick Shilelagh but only if we ignored the low strike rate AND used last years Cup as our guide. Our pick was so close.. oh well theres always next year. It wasn’t our best day with a number of selections runing second. Our Bolter selection Fundamentalist looked to have the measure of The Autumn Sun but got run down Winx like and Nakeeta Jane didn’t go down without a fight but but was well back in third.

Highstrikers Last Minute Mail had few successes on what was a killer day BUT Sunlight was the highlight. What a performance! It’s the only time I havent had her on top or second rated in her career to date and the first time I havent been on her. She just totally outsprinted them.

Still, it’s another day today and our chance will come. Last year our best result came late in the Autumn with a $80,000 First 4. Hope this years comes soon. By the way, have you noticed the performance of Z1Pay and Afterpay lately? Zip hit $1.80 on Monday and I told you about this company when they were at $1.10. Afterpay hit $21. You will still see some volatility but every time they sign up new merchants the price goes up. I had a losing week on the horses, it happens but a big winning month so far on the stockmarket, think $80,000 plus in one stock alone. Yes Zip !


All info is posted , Highstrikers and Autumn Preview finalised before 8.30. Everything else by 9 a.m. Winform Daily Mail …still working on it but up by 10 a.m. a lot of races to consider today. All finished and posted 9.48 a.m. Good luck


Hey apart from the chorizo quiches we had for breakfast, they made Ros and I sick until we got them out of our system, we made it home by last night in time for me to updated the Autumn Preview and there are some good opportunities there but equally there are some races that offer no advantage over the bookies/.

The weather is good both Sydney and Melbourne (it was snowing at my son’s farm in Tassie yesterday) this weekend and the traxcks will be fixed so that they are not too hard for those horses that cant handle the really fast tracks we used to have.

We are leaving the current YouTube Winform Racing Seminar up for another few days to allow everyone to view it before we release part two. It may even be part 3 or 4 as we go on. I want to update some of our February stats as well.

We’ve had a good response as there are hundreds of Members who were never able to set aside up to three or four days for a Seminar at a location far from them although we have had attendees from as far afield as New Zealand and Perth, you cant get much further away than that.

So good luck for today AND the weekend.


Hard to believe 40 degrees last week, 13 this morning. Anyhow our meetinsg so far are going well and I see today that everyones favourite politician David Leyonhjelm who is standing down from the Seante to contest the NSW upper house is planning to use his balance of power, assuming he gets in, to abolish al the new gambling taxes on NSW Racing to give NSW punters a fair regime that will allows us all a fair chance of making money or at least make our punting dolars last longer, and as he says, it will mean NSW punters will turnover their money more often which in itself provides more revenue and will be positive for NSW. Hear Hear!

We have only seen a first press release of the proposal but for that reason maybe we should all forget about both Labor and Liberal, and remember it was the Labor Government back in the 80’s that introduced the rounding down of dividends and the Liberal govenrment of Nick Greiner that promised to abolish it and thendidnt when they found ut how much extra money it was bringing in, and it is Governments of both stripes that have increased race field levies and GPS levies i.e. extra taxes on your bets if you live in NSW.

Hate the man if you like but love the policy. Let everyone else worry about the everyday ebb and flow of Government but vote for him and get a possibility of a fair deal for punters. Now if we can get Mark Latham to get on side, and we might ro maybe Ill get onto Pauline and make it National policy..  Have a great day.

Oh by the way, soory about the delay on MOnday but as it happened we only missed one race by the timewe got the races loaded. The problem is that everyone keeps checking back and some times the old data sticks. At that stage you have to clear your history to allow the updated data to come in. See the FAQS when yu log in to see how to do it.

I will be working hard on this weekends races once I have had fileds and more importantly overnight market movers tomorrow. My first post will be Thursday evening, although I will try to get the fields of the important races on the Autumn Preview by 8 p.m tonight.


Pleased to see the Hotshots do so well in February  (7.4 units profit) but disappointed with the Country selections, only 17% winners and country has continued to let us down over the weekend. Our Autumn package had its first flop so far with only one stand out winner although Alessio at $14 made a nice dutching in the last at Randwick. The Australian Guineas, well we got the winner, 3rd and 4th but Hawkshot we only put into 3rd and 4th place. Yesterday e took another blast with Widgee Turf being outridden at Wangaratta with the leader dawdling most of the way and it simply could not sproint when it was on. Only beaten a nostril but thats all it takes.

We are away in Melbourne for the week amongst the excitement with the build up to the Golden Mile so Members should email us rather than phone. Or phone and be prepared to wait until the message option comes up and please leave a phone number, we have multiple Ians and Daves and so on . I have a bit of a cold and its hard to pick up voices in this state.

Our Winform top two select tracks had a  35% race strike rate (10% above all tracks) and a solid profit at Best Of The Best. Longest losing run was only 6 races.

Our HR2D select tracks had a hard run in Feb even though overall the all tracks result was good.Highstrikers Last Minute Mail didnt make a profit Saturday but DID find some double figure winners.

It’s interesting that the biggest most consistent subscriptions of our less expensive ones we have is for the HR2D with the smallest percentage of unsubscribes. Winform Ratings subscribers and the Gold Club have been remarkably stable over the past three years but being the most expensive service, there are fewer of them but as they are mostly professional or semiprofessional punters and the numbers rarely change.

Premium had a nice result , holding some longer priced winners for a change. Best Bets had an unusually off month 65% placed but few won. Its only a small sample though. Have a great week. I know we will. Mile


A lot of Mmbers got caught out yesterday when our Best Bet came up in the first race at Swan Hill . It was just 11 a.m. Today the first is at 10.55 a.m. at Flemingtpon and the meeting is over by 3.20. Winx races at 3.40. Anyhow, all our stuff is already up. The Autumn Preview was up before 8.30 sa.m. as was the HighsSTrikers Last Minute Mail. We have a Winform Racing Seminar on video and part one is already posted, hundreds of members have viewed it already and Part two, we hope to have ready by the end of next week. You should join the channel so you get notified when the next video is online as I am in Melbourne for interviews etc. all week next week. Have a great day today and please arrange for a cool change for Monday as Ros and I will be arriving late afternoon. We are expecting some exciting Racing today. We have some longshot selections at Flemington today and so have high expectations of collecting the Quaddie.


Our Autumn package subscribers and Gold Club Members can view our preview as at 3.30 p.m. Wednesday and it will be a busy day with lots of good quality horses making our cut. The bookies haven’t missed much but there is one outsider which we expect may improve. It is a dual acceptor and while disappointing does look a hope in each of the races. If not we do have other choices as we may have to back three runners in each of those races. I don’t mind that. I’d rather back three runners for a higher expected strike rate than plop for one that fails to score.  It makes more sense not to rely on one runner.

In my Super Fund I have had a massive winner with Zippay and cashed out today but will buy back in on market weakness and we know that will happen. A lesser win with Afterpay which I may sell out of soon and a brilliant win with Jumbo International. Two of those three were very much outsiders and you know what? I have lost more money with big name shares , some of which are still sitting in my account just hoping to recover one day.

G8 Education was a big loss for me, down $38,000 at one stage but now $3,000 in front plus dividends. Tassal Group (salmon producers) the same, well much more than $3,000 up in their case.

Today I am into FLX and P2P, check it out if you like and I expect a big win there too.

Anyhow, even though my stockmarket winners are about 33% of my wins I do get massive collects by reseaching the “form”. Same with Racing and I will post a video tomorrow with some of my “winner” and some of them only ran a place. My biggest wins last year were First Fours and Quinellas or Trifectas and Quaddies of course. Best of luck in tonights Launceston Cup.


Why so good? Well our winners were $12.6 and $2.3 , a very good profit. Our tilt at the Tasmanian Oaks ended up upside down when our top four ran the First 4 but in the wrong direction. An upgrade to Good 4 may have played a part. The winner our 4th rated runner won at $44, wish I was on it. Yesterday was a washout with nothing performing as the form suggested. It happens. In the meantime, those Members who took my financial advice and got into Z1P Pay or Afterpay, were well rewarded.  Those who did get in could have got out at a massive profit but I dont advise it. I expect the trend to continue with Afterpay and Z1P pay becoming the next generation of Mastercard and Visa. Flexigroup is another player which has over 2,000 merchants but much lower profile retailers and thus they cant compete when Kmart, Target Bunnings etc are all using BNPL but not Certegy’s easypay.

I ran through our Hotshots results and based on the final dividends we are only a small way in front this month but the final dividends dont reflect the truth. We got much better prices using vicbets Best OF The Best or taking any longer prices in the a.m. We also took advantage of some longer priced fixed place prices on runners over double figure odds or even increased our bet in some cases and took the place bet as an EXTRA bet. We actually appear to be making  a profiton simply backing them for a place at the 60% place strike. Thats a fair deal for those who dont want to wait out a run of outs for the win. Good luck today with 4 meeting inclduing Cairns.

$151 Shot runs 2nd for $300 Quinella

Hi Everyone, a bit of a problem last night.. no daily feature due to server problems BUT the good news is Crack The Code was our top rated runner at Moonee Valley race 7 and Embrace Me 2nd rated at ^6.2 and $7.3 respectively The actual prices available were $6.5 and $31 so what do you think about that. Most punters have brains and if they exercised them they could not mis that opportunity with Embrace Me paying $36.90 best tote. It was a no brainer. Sad to say Ros and I arrived home late last night (in transit all day) and with internet problems I didnt even get to see it.

Today we had server problems again and we weere relieved to find we hadnt been hacked as that would have been a disaster. Anyhow it was all posted excpet for Gold Club, only missed a couple of losing bets.

Anyhow, just s[otted a top rated winner at Eagle Farm $12 into $10 and our run of 2nd with maidens and Best Bets continued unabated today.

So many money back races today its unbelievable but I havent scored any and zero winners as at 2.15 although our Hotshot at Morphettville ran 2nd @ $3.20 a place ( I chose this option rather than save on the first starter favourite.


Good luck today, I hope to see the quaddie in our hands today and the Blue Diamond Quinella. Missed that Quinella (1stand 4th)but Gunnedah race 4 I couldnt believe it. Our top three rated runners were all $151 to win and $26 fixed to Place. I backed them all e/w  PLus I couple them up in the Quinella with the next 5 rated runners (the fav was 6th rated) and I never had a worry except wulda been nice if the top rate $151 runner got the photo, it would have won in the next stride. I juts cpuldnt believe that in a weak country race Moree Dreaming had one dominant win from four starts and rated a $3.10 chance by Winform. Vicbet paid over $300 for the Quinella, hope a few Members got it! Well two legs in the Quaddie but wont pay much if Nature Strip gets up. I think a back marekr will get it.



Fact is I am travelling  a lot of back roads in Tassie and there are lots of blackspots and slow internet. It did not stop me backing our Hotshot yesterday and the $6 and $6.5 I took early yesterday a.m. was a lot better than the $3.60 available by racetime. A good win and paid for some of our expenses.

I still find it hard to believe that when we did our Australian Winform Racing Seminars tour some years ago, that Tasmania had by far the fewest number of attendees and the Launceston one was easily the worst attended. Yet some of our most ardent punters are living here in the North and Northwest.

And Rosebery..See You have not been left out. I recall twenty years ago you could buy a three bedroom house in Rosebery for $20,000, closer to $200,000 these days, and even in the last two years , prices across Tassie have moved up. You can’t lose with property if you hold it for long enough.

The stockmarket goes up and down like a yo yo and even this week I have seen mt portfolio swing by as much as 20% just on the movemnet of two or three financialstocks.. Those stocks are still as financial and profitable on Thursday as they were on Monday yet the price variation , based entirely on rumours and electronic nonsense, had to be seen to be believed. Take Afterpay. A drop of 20% was caused by the sale of 1 single share at that ridiculous price but the market reacted.

It reminds of the day I was at Port Macquarie and there were four bookmakers. Three had my selection at odds on, around $1.90. I approached the fourth bookmaker and took $100 at even money. He then turned his price down to $1.50 and WITHOUT taking a single bet the other three turned their prices down to $1.50 too. Action and reaction. The runner bolted in by the way but that’s not the point.

I am in transit most of today so once I reach the office this evening, that;s when I expect to fill all the orders placed while I was away. Good luck, plenty of day AND night meetings to keep you going.

I’m glad for the many Members who watch this space. MOst of the callers Ive had this week used the office number but when it went to message I got  a first name, or a name and no phone number and so on. Makes it hard to call back. And yes, it can be hard to hear even though I know most of my clients by their voice but I do have many many Members whose name is John, Trevor , Andy and so on.. HAVE A GREATDAY! BlueDiamond tomorrow and I don’t have a standout like most years.