40% winners 67% placed for the HR2D Hcap plan yesterday. This “after” the race and some prerace conditions may have changed  such as track conditions or late scratching but 90+% accurate maybe 100%. More importantly 7 of the first 11 selections were winners. HR2D specials found a $14 the win winner BUT was it 2nd fav? We dont usually bet outside those paramaters BUT it was equal 2nd fav early with two other runners whne backed from $21 into $12 before a late ease. The signs were there in the market. Could you have resisted backing it? I had the grandkids yesterday, 5 running around so all I got was sunburnt. Oh, I l also had zero winners from Hotshots, seconds only.  I await a trial today for our Gold Club 2yo and also I loom forward to a move upwards in the Stockmarket following on the post Christmas boost on Wall Street. Maybe also I am looking for somewhere to escape to for New Year. In the meantime Rick Worthington produced a nice 2yo in trial 6 at Warwick Farm today. Nice trial for the filly Steel Diamond. Assiego was a nice 2nd. Today we have a likely nice Quinella /Trifecta in Townsville as our Daily Feature and our top two rated runners are around $6 and $7 although the $7 one firmed from $16 yesterday and $15 this morning. I just hoping I got on at the right price. Missed the $15 but got $8, it is now into $6. Just hope it wASNT A FALSE LEAD.


So we have loaded the races to Saturday as well as Boxing Day. And its a big big day. All of you going to the track have a great day. Those at home , well I know you are all paying attention. The other day I suggested you no go too heavy the day before Christmas and finding your self heading into Christmas with a loss. It wasnt meant to be a prediction but by golly it was bad day. Here’s hoping for a fun  day today. I was going to spend today on the water bit there is not a breath of breeze. Be a bit soft for the Hobart too I guess. Good lcuk .


We do hope everyone of our readers has a Happy Christmas. And today Ros and I have already reflected on those we have lost but not in a sad way but in the memories we have had with them at Christmas.

To us we feel we are never alone, as long as we don’t let those Happy memories fade.

And here’s to those people who are out there today supporting those who have noone else to cheer them. They are our true everyday heroes.

From myself and Ros and all of use involved,


Happy Christmas.


The Last Minute Mail had a brilliant day last week and this week was in front after the very first race. Remember we quit and win. Works most of the time but its hard to do that isn’t it? 5 wins from 17 races which is 2 less than average. I spent my day working with my original idea from 20 years ago. Using Money Factory I would ducth the runners starting at top rated until I couldnt make double my outlay. If my top rated runner was odds on that was the only bet. If there was a first starter favourite that was the first bet then start at the top. Here’s my action  after the first 15 races.

Number of Bets 15 Number of Wins 5 Strike Rate 33 Average Dividend 2.29
Amount Bet $ 778 Return $ 789 Profit $ 11 ROI % 1

Not a good result right? On the contrary, a good result. On level stakes it was a loss of 24% but with Money Factory it was a small, very small, win. I actually did collect a bit more than that due to dividends being a little more than expected but with races going on minutes later I had to estimate , result the previous race and move on. I did miss getting on some races too and that would have altered the result, missing a winner and or missing a loser. My last win, the plan said I was still a few dollars behind but I also expected to get a bigger div than estimated and I did, so another $18 on top of that.

With a big family Christmas party coming up, I left a few bets on and quit for the day. As I check this morning I see that I ended up two grand up for the day and the 3 from 5 for our Premium bets (not to be confused with John Furgals SMS which had a 2nd from one bet) it was a good day.

Today is our family day so I will have the selections up, get a few bets on if any then duck out for Coles chickens , can’t beat em, Woolies ones have no flavour, and then check my results tonight when its all over. Have a good day but a little hint. There have been times when I have gone in hard on Christmas eve only to find myself having a bad losign day. Its not a good feeling , Ive had good wins too BUT these days I take it easy, Boxing Day is the day to splurge again if your need to.


Visiting an old original strategy from Make Racing Pay, revealed a 40% race strike rate yesterday, below our expectations of 45% but we have evolved from that every race strategy. Many subscribers still use it or a form of it, quitting when they have made enough profit for the day. Using Money Factory yesterday cleared the profit goal easily with a block of 11 wins from 18 races after an early run of 4 losses.

HOTSHOTS HAVE BEEN ON FIRE ALL WEEK AS HAS JOHN FURGALS SMS and the DAILY FEATURE RACE WON VIRTUALLY EVERY DAY. Even yesterday, when our 5th rated runner won, it was enough to get a $294 Trifecta, no we didnt recommend that strategy but it happened anyway. Our strategy was to back three runners which ran 2nd and 3rd when looking as thought the race was between them. It was my first losing day for some time.

I expect that close to 100% of our subscribers have Super in one form or another. The Dow fell yet again overnight and few funds would be less than 20% down since the beginning of this month.

MY PUNTING BANK HAS NEAR DOUBLED IN THAT TIME. I am sure our stockmarket will  revive in time, just as I am sure we can, with good money management, restore our punting fortunes after a losing period. But you have to have faith and avoid changing what you are doing. If it has been successful before, dont suddenly change your plans just becuase of a bad run.

Good luck today. All basic info will be there by 9, Best Bets and Daily Feature by 9.30, Winform Daily Mail by 10.30 and WA updates by 11.45.



Hotshots 2 form 2 and at $3.9 and $4.6 approx. Furgals SMS is firing from all barrels this past week and 3 from 3 yesterday was exciting. In addition we lande yet another Daily Feature Race. Members have bee enthusiastic with their reviews of this product. My one regert is that yesterday was the first day I failed to place my all up and of course BINGO! There it was. Still, up about five grand since Saturday so can’t complain. I wish I could say the same about my Super fund . It’s down about 10% in two weeks but my investment in Afterpay and Zippay will fully recoup any shortages as Australias retail spending is heading for a new record. These companies offer interest free payments over a longer time than credit cards, Afterpay is four weeks but Zipay offers higher limits and longer repayment times and all interest free. It’s a no brainer. Zippay currently is just .01% of australias payment systems but that’s a 300% or more increase on last year and with expected turnover of better than one billion dollars in this financial year the sky’s the limit as people have had enough of high interest credit cards. My only two potential Hotshots today are both in Cairns but there is concern about the track so its wait and see whether that works out. In the meantime, our hope that our Gold Club horse would get a good track at Warwick Farm on Saturday have been dashed with a dump last night turning the track into a Heavy8 with more storms predicted tonight.


Yes the Rocky Treble was an easy get even if it didn’t pay a lot. The Daily Feature was again on song even if the fav was short, the result was always going to be between our two top contenders and as  advised the Quinella dividend would be small, $3+ from memory. By the time I had a look the fav was into $1.85 (from $2.25) so instead I took the place price ($1.9 fixed at the time) of our other contender. It duly ran 2nd so a good result for me. David assigns the Daily Feature race today so a challenge to keep up with our great results for the past week or so. We’ve asked subscribers to email us with how thye use the Best Best and Daily Feature page and the results vary (all are happy) from just what we recommend, use our recommendations with their own amendments, some only bet win or place others only the Quinellas or Trifectas but NOT ONE so far, takes the Exactas, although Peter did last week and got an amazing result payng $170 plus I think multiple times. Lets hope for anotehr good result today. What a strom Sunday. 


Our selection that ran 3rd yesterday paid $24.80 a place but our other 4 selections in the Quinella Trifecta failed completely. We dis say it was a very open race and that even that horse could run a place at a big price. It did!  Today is completely different. We see only two chances in our Daily Feature Race. We’re running a survey today and asking subscribers what they do with the Daily Feature/. We are only asking our Best Bet subscribers who should all be making big profits by now. Busy day today and Christmas is coming simple as that. Our half price book sale ends this week and obviously we cant get hard copy orders delivered in time for Christmas. So how about this. Our Ebook pass is half price also so for $155 which includes the $10 processing fee  (instead of $295) it is amazing values as it includes every one of our books. Doe forget, we process the discount at this end so on the orders lip it will still say $295. Trust us. If the order come by midnight Friday you will get the discount.


Highstrikers Last Minute Mail had a very good day, plenty of winners AND two otu of two for the HR2D Specials and the Villiers winner. The BOlter had just one selection for  a loss but still a very big year in 2018. The Hotshots, which had been unlucky for the month to date really took off with an $8.80 winner yesterday and good results Saturday with The Odyssey (I got $8.50) and Ice One ($3.80). Our Best Bet won yesterday and it was also a Hot Shot. Vicbet paid $2.25 on what ended up $1.90. All up I’m several thousand up for the weekend on small overall outlay. John Furgals SMS service scored three out of four over the weekend including $5 and $8 winners. The new Hotshots and Bolters SMS and email service was also in full flight.  Just by the way , if you’re reading this on the home page remember to click “read more” as this formats the info which is helpful when we put in tables of results etc. I popped up a short video on YouTube of yesterdays storm which reminded me of those old North Sea shots in World War 2 movies with the battleships heading towards Scapa Flow. Anyhow, a good weekend and today Ros and I are off for Physio and we are discussing a great new promotion with Vicbet which continues to draw praise from our regular punting members, especially our retired Members who need every extra cent they can get, although with what must be close to 65% t 70% strike rate with our Daily Feature Races, they don’t have too much to worry about, just hope I havent put the “mocka” om myself or David woth our choices this week.


We are operating with extremely poor internet in NSW as at Friday.  Service was restored overnight but the network is slow. We’ll do the best we can. Personally, Sportsbet, which has actually won over $20 grand from me this year, has now restricted me to fixed price only and I am no longer able to place fixed price place bets, well I did do well with these over the year. Funny thing. Bet 365 and BetEasy is where I have won most of my profit this year but I am unrestricted there and Ubet which is owned by Tabcorp but Victab, also owned by Tabcorp won’t take fixed price bets from me without reference to a supervisor which is simply  a delaying tactic so my bets either dont get on or get reduced to an unprofitable point. Back to work on what is a slow connection as every man and his dog try to get up to speed. WE POSTED BY 10ISH AND AFTER WA SCRACHINGS SHOULD BE FINALISED BY 11.30. WE DON’T EXPECT MANY ADJUSTMENTS. Good luck today.