Yesterday we received a question from a subscriber simply saying “are you having a bad run too or is it just me?” Shortly after I received from another ratings provider an email devoted to reminding their subscribers that they run a profitable specials service, as do we, but that they had just one winner…and many places , from their last 15 selections and that, while inconvenient, especially if you dont have a professional staking plan, that was far from abnormal and to simply keep going as it would turn around eventually. It does. I know that, you know that but at the time when we are experiencing a run of outs we dont like it. As I said, last Saturday two $18 chances second and turn just one of those around and it makes all the difference.

In my data analysis, we regularly see runs of outs in the mid 30’s for favourites and they are in every race everyday  , over 1500 of them a month on average so all sorts os runs, winners and losers, will happen in a month and how many in a year??

Anyhow, I will have the Autumn Preview on line this afternoon and we have good weather all the way in Melbourne but Sydney overnight had 10 mls of rain and expecting similar amounts towards Saturday but hopefully the track wont be too badly affected.

Part two of the Winform online Seminar is up on YouTube now.

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