We got the grand children and took them too christopher robin i remember reading winnie the poo as a kid myself i thoroughly recomend as a family movie im learning too take a win and not chase any more you usualy end up in the same spot or even lose a bit after hours of trying lol take the early win and relax.i am getting better at this i started with $1500 in the bank last wed when i sent my last msg by saturday night i had $4200 sunday off just put a $100 on each hotshot as i was working came home and had a $1700 win hence the family treat just under 6 k in my bank now thats a good 5 days i think.have an awesome day , Andy. Ed Andy has certainly learnt how to treat this “game” he took every punting book he could find and spent the first few weeks reading them. There’s always something new to learn.

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  1. Terry Holzwart
    Terry Holzwart says:

    Not a very good Feature yesterday…and it was the race I got to bet on & as usual lost on the day I spend my money. If only we had the right Quinella numbers outside of the dutch bet!! I will say its not always the case but seems to be happening to me most of the time but I can’t always place bets daily which is the issue I have, especially when info is not up until later on & I am busy working. To rub salt into the wound I did get a chance to quickly look at only maiden selection & just prior to jump it still wasn’t favourite so I left it….look later on at results & of course it won & did actually start fav (firmed enough with late bets obviously)
    It gets to me more when I of course read Garrys diary comments when a good winner, Quinella or Trifecta has saluted & I am not on it due to timing & work. Luckily I have been able to pick some of my own Blackbookers to keep me in the game.


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