Breaking Camp (well, almost…..maybe)

As the title suggests, my brief  ‘holiday’ in the great Australian bush is coming to an end, maybe today, but probably tomorrow.  We did manage to put up some guttering on one of the buildings the other day feeding into a water tank.  Lo and behold, last night, rain for most of the night.   Wake up to a beautiful day and some water in the new tank.   Love it when a plan comes together!  Today, (if I stay), we’ll be doing some more work on moving the solar panels from their current, on ground, location to the roof.   They work fine on the ground but obviously will be a tidier solution on the roof.


John Furgal came back with a vengeance yesterday, producing 2 from 2!   There were 3 selections but the first was a scratching at the barrier.   Two from two is a great effort.   Yes they were short prices, but all contributions to my retirement are greatly received.


Lots of meetings today, as is the norm for Saturday, so good luck with whatever strategy/bets you make.

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