Our Gold Club has had a good run over the years but our recent involvement has gone a bit sour. We were in a $500,000 filly that was to be a black type horse and consequently a long term breeding prospect. Two wins and a couple of places later, she is no longer fit to race so at best might be worth 5% to 10% of her purchase price.  I guess its like us backing longshots, they mostly lose but we dont have to invest much. Until now all of our runners have  won except for one, and multiple wins at that This past six months or so we have lost our runners to injury, even our really good ones.

On another note, I may have mentioned to you ZiPay. It has risen over 20% since then and with new stores gettin involved it is startig to show a higher demographic. Primarilay the tool of millenials, since going into stores like Bunnings, the demographic is stretching. With Zipay having just 0.1% of the market and having doubled volume and account holders in just the last 12 months, the only way is up. I’ve invested myself and consider it a backup to my income over the next few years.

You may also remember we got involved in medicinal cannabis but thta market has changed. It is still slow to build a markte here, peoepl want it but the doctors don’t yet understand it, and that means Australian growers have a solid worldwide market.  It is a 5 year plan and I am just into year two so don’t intend to retire anyday soon.

The Sale meeting is back on today so good luck with  three solid meetings ahead.w

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