Hard to believe 40 degrees last week, 13 this morning. Anyhow our meetinsg so far are going well and I see today that everyones favourite politician David Leyonhjelm who is standing down from the Seante to contest the NSW upper house is planning to use his balance of power, assuming he gets in, to abolish al the new gambling taxes on NSW Racing to give NSW punters a fair regime that will allows us all a fair chance of making money or at least make our punting dolars last longer, and as he says, it will mean NSW punters will turnover their money more often which in itself provides more revenue and will be positive for NSW. Hear Hear!

We have only seen a first press release of the proposal but for that reason maybe we should all forget about both Labor and Liberal, and remember it was the Labor Government back in the 80’s that introduced the rounding down of dividends and the Liberal govenrment of Nick Greiner that promised to abolish it and thendidnt when they found ut how much extra money it was bringing in, and it is Governments of both stripes that have increased race field levies and GPS levies i.e. extra taxes on your bets if you live in NSW.

Hate the man if you like but love the policy. Let everyone else worry about the everyday ebb and flow of Government but vote for him and get a possibility of a fair deal for punters. Now if we can get Mark Latham to get on side, and we might ro maybe Ill get onto Pauline and make it National policy..  Have a great day.

Oh by the way, soory about the delay on MOnday but as it happened we only missed one race by the timewe got the races loaded. The problem is that everyone keeps checking back and some times the old data sticks. At that stage you have to clear your history to allow the updated data to come in. See the FAQS when yu log in to see how to do it.

I will be working hard on this weekends races once I have had fileds and more importantly overnight market movers tomorrow. My first post will be Thursday evening, although I will try to get the fields of the important races on the Autumn Preview by 8 p.m tonight.

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