Curious Call

We had a call to day from a client who was aware I am travelling overseas for a hard earned holiday and he wanted to renew before I left. The reason it was important he explained was that since I spoke to him about our Hotshots service (av win price $4+) 12 months ago he had changed his lone held strategy of never even looking at horses that were longer than about $3.50.

He told us that he still backed those shorter priced horses and was losing BUt he was making up the losses by following our Hotshots and in some cases backing them for the place! It was like he was breaking some sort of Golden Rule to do so but he had done it very profitably over the year.

The deal we had with our first lot of Hothots subscribers (its only a name but the main rules is that they are rated odds on by Winform Ratings) was that as long as they continued to subscribe they would be renewed at the initial price which these days is half the current price. Point is that virtually no-one, well almost no-one, has dropped out and that is rare. Most punters give up when they get a long losing run but with the occasioanl $20 winner getting up, our subscribers don’t want to miss those if they can help it.

So thanks for the feedback.


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