In our 2014 book Winning Is Everything, we looked at two things. Favourites from every angle and Barriers, of course we looked at our best Winform Ratings strategies over the years as well. Just looking at recent results we noted that HR2D Specials which are favourite won 57% of the time and a level stakes profit exceeding 14%. Our HR2D Handicap plan had 40% winners if favourite  and HR2D overall 47%.  Winning itself is quite easy but few devote themselves to it. A comment we most often get is ” I can’t (or dont want to) devote the time to check whats happening before the race.” Well that sounds like someone in a normal occupation saying, I want my wages but I wish I could get the money without having to go to work for it.” You know it’s not that hard to check on the prices 5 minutes before a race to see what the market is doing, and if it is warranted, placing a bet. Personally I set an alarm before races I have an interest in so I can do other work  or other things in the meantime. Yes I will miss some and on other days I will not even bother to look if I have something else on. But at the end of the day you get what you want within the time frame you allow.  Colin has been a long time subscriber to the Hotshots but he is a builder by trade. So he was able to get the selections, check them against his own principles and then go do his building stuff and check results later. Why? Because Hotshots are more likely to make us money when they are NOt favourites, although we are still happy to be on them when they are, we do need them to salute in between longshot results. So Please, don’t tell me you can’t win. Anyone can win with our form analysis and staking plan assistance but placing the bets and making sure they are right is the responsibility of those who want to make the money. Luck is just a minor element.

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