Hi Garry,

Thank you for that, much appreciated.

My subscription to the Winform everyday ratings for all of the races means that I haven’t subscribed to the Autumn package but having access to those ratings has been great as too using the GTX Analyser to investigate various angles. (ED: FOR gtx INFO AND WINFORM RATINGS INFO email garry.r@horseracingaustralia.info)

Also the eBook pass ($295 gets you every Winform publication including all 20 magazines worth over $1,500) has been a big advantage to my racing education as I now take all of your books/magazines wherever I travel for work and they provide excellent reading at night as well as on the planes.  I am now reading your book Winning Your Only Option for probably the 4th time.

It is amazing when you read a reference book like that, it (a) reminds you of something that you already knew but had stopped applying on a regular basis and (b) how you can pick up something that you may have glossed over in the previous readings.  I have had the same enjoyable experience re-reading many of your other books and all 20 of the magazines.

You have certainly compiled a wonderful body of educational racing material over the years which is appreciated.

Once again, thank you for the e-Book.


GregS Ed: Greg is one of our regular semipro punters and subscribers. We recently helped him out with free updates on one of our Ebooks.

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