An analysis we released to Members some time ago told of how the first races of the day were better betting propositions than the later races.

This gives rise to the idea that you quit while in front and the thing that remains to be decided is “how Far in front?”

Hers the result of the first few races yesterday

23/04/2019 12:55 Ballarat 1 5 Imperial Lad HR2D –
23/04/2019 12:55 Ballarat 1 6 Mozella HR2D –
23/04/2019 1:00: Wagga 1 1 Freundin HR2D
23/04/2019 1:00: Wagga 1 3 Coolyboss HR2D $3.2
23/04/2019 1:30: Ballarat 2 6 Mr Deadline HR2D $5.6
23/04/2019 1:30: Ballarat 2 11 Bird Of War HR2D
23/04/2019 1:35: Wagga 2 2 Contaminated HR2D $3
23/04/2019 1:35: Wagga 2 7 Prestissimo HR2D

Clearly we needed to go as far as Ballarat Race 2 to hit a clear profit (on level stakes). $7 out $8.6 in Profit $1.6

Race 2 Wagga gave us an extra dollar profit. Personally I would have said, well $5.6 is an above average dividend so quit now but others would say three races two winners, thats above the average win strike so quit now.

Others might say “I’ll invest my $1.6 profit in the next race as a possible extra earn or at worst square for the day.”

The choice is yours but with my busy days I tend to take the first profit and quit and bear on mind I bet $500 per race. Users often find a 90% winning days and one Member achieved 100% winning days for a whole month. That’s not to say you wont have days where you lose every day for a week, all things are possible.

I’ll post from time to time while I am on holidays with random thoughts on punting ideas and philosophies Ive learned over the year. Plus there will be other contributors.

P.S. I will endeavour to add new subscribers from my overseas base but my usual 24-48 hours to respond may be longer than that.

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