Yes, I did perceive that todays feature race would produce a long priced result but alas I couldnt get that 2nd placed horse into the Quinella. Nevertheless, assuming our Members , well a lot of them, have a bit of nous, I am sure a few would have backed our 3rd rated runner as we could have backed all three, dutch bet or level stakes  and still made a wonderful profit.

Anyhow, I have had a couple of meetings up here in Brisbane and had some apre time so I went looking for Alland Music which Mr Google told me was in the Queen St Mall. Apparentally not. JBHIFI occupy that space now so I called the number to see if I could find where they have moved to…and the answer was “hello, this is Bunnings??” Well I guess I cant recommend retail music shops as a good investment, I should have known this from many years ago when I stopped the horse tipping business I had when I opened my own music shop. It took me about ten years to realise that it wasnt the go and so I went back to the Winform Ratings business.

Also, Ive had some feedback from my mention of Zippay Afterpay and co in the Newsletter. One of our Members is an investment adviser and suggested that perhaps ASIC would not like me doing that. However the other feedback I have had is from Members who appreciated the tip last year and have done very well and of course like anything, it is you that decide what to do. I’m just telling you what I have done and my opinion.

The interesting thing is that there are some well known financial commentators who have been sending out very negative ideas about Afterpay and Zippay and consequently the prices have gone down quite significantly in the past week, much ,much more then the general market.

Think what you like but my thoughts are that forcing the price down means that speculators, not naming any names, have been able to pick up millions of shares at well below last weeks prices.

The truth is that all of the worlds financial markets are manipulated so the secret is to stick to those companies that do have a genuinely unique position. As one of the core retailers in Australia offering EFTPOS for the first time I was in a position to “know the future” and as Chairman of a 200 store strong retail group in the past I am well positioned to know that the BNPL sector WILL BE the next Visa and Mastercard but not without competition and not without some fightback by the entrenched.

Grant passed ona suggestion to me. He is doing very well on Betfair with the Golf markets as he says “there is lots of depth” So for those of you who have an opinion it might be a way to go even though I also know that Betfair markets are also manipulated as are all Racing markets too.

Does it worry me? No. It’s all a part of the game and as long as people are playing it there will be others doing their best to take advantage.

Just by the way. There is a stock advisor that is very very focussed on getting paid memberships. They even advise that they have “skin in the game” and they are investing their own money and yes I believe they are, but I also believe that money is part of their profit from the financial advice they are selling.

To be honest, their selections, they don’t have many, have been mostly profitable but the best way to treat advice is to accept it, analyse it yourself and see if you can match the logic. Then act. Cant wait for sailing season…

Another hit for Garry?


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