So far the worst track condition is Randwick with Soft6 and not a lot of rain forecast for the rest of the week so Saturday should be okay>> A lazy day for me , well not quite. I plan to run the Hotshots for a place only via the Money Factory using 60% wins at av $1.7 which is not quite how it is as the av . div is unknown. We might get 6 places in a row at $1.10 or a run of 6 or 8 outs followed by $1.04, $2.6, $1.4, $2.7,$1.7 and $3 as we did last month at one point. I’m thinking when we get a near money back dividend we should cancel the entry in MOney Factory so we don’t move closer to a divisor reset.

Anyhow, Ill give it a go and see what it looks like. When we use the Money Factory for footy we are getting at least $1.9 at 50% wins so easier to close each series.

Tonight some time I should have Randwicks Saturday program fully analysed, the only problem being that  Sydney form form the past couple of weeks on wet tracks is incompatible ith previous form. It will take  abit of guesswork and in some cases forgiveness. The imporvemnets if we get a good track will be dramatic.

See The Video for our assessment of this years Doncaster.


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